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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
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  1. @SookMiniLux @Spawn its the same
  2. hey evryone i will help you if your fps stuck in 60 first thing go console and write fps_max 250 / fps_override 1 (for steamers)/fps_modem 250 (for normal cs 1.6)/developer 1 than go to options>video and turn off this (wait for vertycal syncs) Have fun ❤️
  3. CLASS ++


    this toturial is for admins hey evryone maybe i can help with this mini toturia so i know many admins love amx_glow so i will help u little bit so you can write [amx_glow "name" "red" ] but it will be better when you write [amx_glow "name" "240 13 13 20"] you can get this code from this website" https://htmlcolorcodes.com/fr/" you just need to selet a color and it will show u the code up just remove the points and add 20 at the end like "75 , 240 , 13" you should change it to 75 240 13 20 like "amx_glow "name" "75 240 13 20" injoy best regards HaZa
  4. hey evryone i want help the steam users to get more fps in cs 1.6 This is my video to show u how thank me later :3 link if my video:
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