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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
Asking for Free Admin+ rank and Free VIP will be subject to Permanent Ban!!
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ez` last won the day on April 3 2020

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    fuck potatoes and tomatoes
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  1. Don't worry about that impersonator, I'll take care of that guy, dw about him, he was using your name and he was using hax.

  2. that being said, I have many records set in kz-endo, in the top/pro 15. Cheats are auto-detected and automatically banned on sight. If you are able to beat one, i'll take up your offer.
  3. the tier is masterful; 3-4 strafes per jump while maintaining 90%+ sync. And before you challenge me, you must be atleast near my level. If you can get around a 257 LJ or a 276 DCJ in 100aa, or 255 LJ in 10aa, I'll consider dropping by.
  4. ez`


    im a big nerd
  5. ez`


    what started it all
  6. when i used to be good at the game >.<
  7. do you go around impressin' girls wit your 1.6 skills? ultimate cuck right here

    1. ez`


      you already know b

  8. where tf did u go

    1. The Girl

      The Girl

      I guess you miss me! 😄 

    2. bott


      have to go back to the family

    3. ez`
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