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  1. mrSuz

    zp gameplay

    I'm trying hard to solve a problem lag / Next time I'll make it longer
  2. Welcome Enjoy your stay
  3. name of hacker :cot1 hack type : wh prof :https://www.mediafire.com/file/j84kib0lntodvra/ADMINHELP.dem/file
  4. Soory for my bad english for more information Press the link ☝
  5. Name of plugin : admin esp This plugin allowe to admin see player from the wall And its soo helpfull Ex: if admin spec a player and the player have wh When the player aiming to the wall admin can see the other player from the wall And help in detecting other hackers Its like wh for admin But admin can use it only when he is died or spectacting Plugin controle boutom Press (move forward/backward) Very important suggestion plugin link https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=23691 thx for reading 😉
  6. @Freesh.pethats will help you
  7. mrSuz

    skins pack

    @Nightbot. @AirStriker pls check this
  8. mrSuz

    skins pack

    hi i have a skins pack The player can buy it for a month and I have a video of how to use it and add it to the server plugins link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/h40252yd0vvj4a7/admodels.rar/file TUTORIAL video;
  9. mrSuz


    @Nightbot. Thanks for your opinion, that means a lot to me 😄
  10. mrSuz


    hello guys I have an excellent suggestion about adding a new mod to the zombie server Name of Mod : protect the vip Explanation of how to play : At the beginning of the mode turns a player to vip with special skin Other players must protect him from the zombies If he dies the vip Humans lose thx for reading
  11. check in youtube you dont need camera
  12. youtube can be helpfull in this
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