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  1. hi guys I have a map but I haven't created it and don't know it but I found it in a folder on my computer I think we should add this map because the players are getting bored of maps and are asking for new maps I think this map is great video : link : https://www.mediafire.com/file/6slynmv9otiluqe/zp_ls_blackmesa.zip/file
  2. Member Name: Nickname of the Hacker/Rule breaker:(((((((M0N$T3R))))))))) Hacker's/Rule breaker's Steam ID:VALVE_9:9:20735754 Which server was the Hacker/Rule breaker in?:dust Description of hack or rule being broke:aimbot + wh Proof/demo of the offense being made:https://www.mediafire.com/file/s6jg2hanojy0axn/admin100000000.dem/file Additional details needed for our DR team to review: gl
  3. congratz my friend but its u baby so u shuld choose the name happy for u : )
  4. Hey man Check this pls and use the right forum Welcome to [̲̅L̲̅].[̲̅S̲̅].[̲̅G̲̅].[̲̅A̲̅].[̲̅M̲̅].[̲̅E̲̅].[̲̅R̲̅].[̲̅Z̲̅].
  5. i agree with craig i saw zp sv dont have this cmd so i said Why not add it and it is also important
  6. @ red eye welcome to blue team (Hhhhh a5i hedon bes english mech arabic)
  7. Hey man Lets say admins not ingame and players want to know the rules and as i saw admins tired from tell each player the rules And please talk about yourself dust sv dont have a lot of rules not like zp (no block . no teaming. First and sec zm not allowed to use anti. use nade then anti not allowed . etc......) bro we need this cmd
  8. First pls fix this cmds amx_addrule (this will add a new rule . make it only for staff+ amx_forceread "name" ( this will force a player to read rules . dont change it . this will help admins to show a player the rules) and when someone use the cmd In chat (/sayrules) or admin force him to read it make it visible only for him not for everyone using the chatbox Ty
  9. finally i tried the plugin and it rlly work
  10. idk if this is the plugin i didnt tried it https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=48660 in this plugin u can see : admin can force a player to read the rules
  11. hey guys i have suggestion every time when i join sv i just type in chat /rules and this cmd will show me all the sv rules without need to join the sv comunity to know the rules i think its important cmd to add it to all the sv but i like to some one add it to zp firsy we rlly need it on zp ex : when a new player join and use nade then antidote then admin slay him for that he will say : i didnt know or u abuse ty
  12. Sorry again for post here But i think that will help
  13. Sorry for post here But im sure u got banned for this http://lsgamerz.gameme.com/m/playerinfo/13660/chat?b=http://lsgamerz.gameme.com/m/search/cstrike?q=%EC%A4%80%ED%98%B8&si=players&rc=cstrike Bro u need to respect
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