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  1. first im just admin i cant touch admins who have ranks high than me secon you wrong by using 2 laser to go to unreached spot
  2. why u dont show me a time from the times when i break rules ? im sure u will not find haha and about the other admin as i know the only admins who did that are high ranks so i cant do anything for them
  3. lol funny cuz im sure using lm to go up in nemesis mode not allowed (unreached spot) also i think kraken is right also i dont focus only with u my job is focus with all players for that everytime you block/break rules i punish u so be careful demo for ur vip abuse : https://www.mediafire.com/file/r8lfnjsqdagbjir/adminzp3.dem/file
  4. if we added this all players will start innoying each other and spam to get aps from each other
  5. sure i will tell him ^^
  6. Cool maps i liked the first and the second one the third also good Good job wassim
  7. Acknowledging a mistake requires courage I hope you mean every word that you said and change for the better <3
  8. lol Its fake craig is nub he cant do that xD
  9. Happy birthday bro :  )

    1. GoLDeN-MAFIA


      Thank you bro ❤️❤️

  10. as i said we must add 3 lifes for every player in this mode : ) as i see he in the video he was the only zombie (thanos) in the game thats mean its game mode like admin in ls zp can turn human into nemesis in the video he turned himself to thanos exacly like nemesis and add 3 respawns to every player will make it funny : )
  11. wtf u doctor ?? and i think the only thing must change is add like 3 lifes for everyplayer (3 respawns then no respawn)
  12. ok guyz i think all will not accept this map plan B XD check this :
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