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  1. lol Its fake craig is nub he cant do that xD
  2. Happy birthday bro :  )

    1. GoLDeN-MAFIA


      Thank you bro ❤️❤️

  3. Member Name:-L|S- AMINE~pro~ Nickname of the Hacker/Rule breaker:kleyber modo devl1 ^__^ Hacker's/Rule breaker's Steam ID:VALVE_5:0:1347520642 Which server was the Hacker/Rule breaker in?:ctf Description of hack or rule being broke:first demo u can see aim in spot before enemy reach it Proof/demo of the offense being made: demo 1:https://www.mediafire.com/file/v1521r33su61ait/adminctfkleyber.dem/file demo 2 :https://www.mediafire.com/file/pjdurag56lvz94k/adminctfkleyber3.dem/file Additional details needed for our DR team to review:good luck : )
  4. as i said we must add 3 lifes for every player in this mode : ) as i see he in the video he was the only zombie (thanos) in the game thats mean its game mode like admin in ls zp can turn human into nemesis in the video he turned himself to thanos exacly like nemesis and add 3 respawns to every player will make it funny : )
  5. wtf u doctor ?? and i think the only thing must change is add like 3 lifes for everyplayer (3 respawns then no respawn)
  6. ok guyz i think all will not accept this map plan B XD check this :
  7. this mode will be bad without respawn (limited lifes) so pls make some edition to this plugin and add limited respawn
  8. mode name: thanos description : its like nemesis mode but 1 player be thanos with some powers ( all thanos powerz in the movie lool like time stone "make all players cant move" power stone"kill anyone behind thanos" etc....) its relly good mode plugin link : https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=2655342 thanos can press R to change the power (time stone/Space Stone/Reality Stone/Soul Stone/Time Stone/Mind Stone/Power Stone/Snap the Fingers) Power Stone: can kill anyone that around you Space Stone: can teleport to aim with a trisseract Reality Stone: can remove weapons from the person who is firing Soul Stone: can absorb humans into a soul stone (Basing in theories) Time Stone: can stop time for a few seconds Mind Stone: can use a laser ray (Basing in some of Vision powers) Snap the Fingers: Kill half of alive humans R to choose the power stone and hold E to use it video from the plugin website:
  9. u didnt see other maps lmoa and we need more maps for ctf and no one in ctf server like italy32 map aim_building map and other same maps but the best maps we must keep them upc_assault fy_cluj_winter2 and why we need all this dust maps ? 1 is enought i know every dust map is a little bit different but we can keep 1 or 2 of them
  10. i reported this guy cuz when i used force jump in a player the jump blocked and he cant use it but when i use it in the other player the force jump didnt work with him he can use the jump and im sure thats not a bug cuz as i remember i saw this player name in ban list in dust server ( reason autobhop) Member Name:-L|S- AMINE~pro~ Nickname of the Hacker/Rule breaker:-L|S- Nightmare Hacker's/Rule breaker's Steam ID:VALVE_5:0:1878868350 Which server was the Hacker/Rule breaker in?:ctf Description of hack or rule being broke:autobhop/script Proof/demo of the offense being made:https://www.mediafire.com/file/d4li9j3hgletr5d/adminctfnightmare.dem/file Additional details needed for our DR team to review:pls focus in the moment when i forced him to jump and the keys in the screen didnt affect him ty : )
  11. its better than the other maps lol
  12. pls add this map : ) name : ctf_city_day_V1_0_2 link :https://www.mediafire.com/file/cm980h0at8hrsvy/ctf_city_day_v1_0_2.rar/file video :
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