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  1. Solarstone

    Dust 2

    This Server has so many problems with it Remove the Spawn Protection. Some Players die instantly in the mid or Get spawn killed. You can put smoke on the mid just to be safe Remove the Camp Meter on T Spawn. Its so unfair to the terrorist that only cts can camp on mid Add more AFK timer to the Bomber - YES add it. you just stay for 3 secs then the bomb goes poof, its gone Enable AWP - All players like this weapon. idk why you guys remove it. If this weapon so Op you can turn only 1 or 2 awps each sides
  2. In my opinion. This mode is too overpowered like all the players gonna die in secs. Some players might hate this mode The respawn thingy is kinda useless. Thanos could get a lot of xps for killing so much.
  3. Its just a common server. All maps are in Counter Strike. You can guys pick to who take in charge of this server
  4. I reinstall my cs1.6 then i got this message.
  5. Solarstone


    How do if fix it ???
  6. Merry Christmas _________________________________________________ I like the editing
  7. Press Y and put @@ "your message"
  8. I agree with you at the top but not the seccond message
  9. i disagree with you. since the admins have the command to place message on the screen, the players can easily see these messages. We can pm to other players by using this command "amx_psay".
  10. https://gamebanana.com/maps/182357 I think its best to add an another map in dust2 for christmas. You could put this map on december 1st until januarary. I hope you guys agree my list.
  11. Illusion Bomb - This make humans see Zombie as humans and Humans as Zombies Remove Grenade Bomb - This make humans removes all nades Strip Bomb - Removes Players Armor Invisibility - Makes you invisible Mutation - Gives you more health and gravity
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