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  1. This is so good! Im not fan of ZP but it seems really cool!!! U definitely need to apply for mapper.... Also Can you create a remake of dd2?
  2. I wont believe that some1 will ban you only because you are a good person... I personally ban kid yesterday for 2 hours, because there was 3 vs 3 and he kept running and planting bomb at b, when I asked him nicely few times only A, other day it was a kid spamming on mic, putting music, yelling screaming, i asked him nicely again to stop he didn't listing... So from my point no one gets ban doesn't matter if its perm or 30 mins for no reason....
  3. Bro, something wrong with this plugin. It was 5-10 mins after server restarts Then its stops. It doesn't kick afk and don't transfers bomb... Can you check setting one more time. Maybe there is some kinda time limit on how it works?
  4. We need English version... I don't understand anything...
  5. Sounds like perfect plugin. I'll check it out now...
  6. That's very good, when will this new plugin kick in? 🙂
  7. Hey guys, People we really need to lower time in spec for reg players! This days most of the time server kinda full, but there is lots of people just sitting in spec, and others can join the server. I personally kick many people who was in spec more then 2-3 rounds. Is just kinda waste of time for admins, cuz that time we can sit and spec watching for hackers, or just simple join and have good time while playing... We all want to play and enjoy right ?:) So please safe my time, and few others admins time, Head admins/Staff please lower time in spec....... Please, Please, Please
  8. The demo is dirty! Next time when you start recording, type also in console status, and get that info... It will help a lot too
  9. I think its better with it. Kinda the not agree with you...
  10. Congratulations mate for ur perm adm

  11. First one wasnt that good ))) this mix is good
  12. lol What is this? 🙂 @[L|S]King Maroc Moh3#!} How old are you?
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