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  1. Congratulations mate for ur perm adm

  2. First one wasnt that good ))) this mix is good
  3. I have good speed on my end, thanks God no lags... But this should help alots of people who will see it.......
  4. Yeah you right. I was reading comments too, lots of complains that 90% of people with that plugin can get ban lol... Then server probably will be always empty lol So yeah lets just forget about this plugin...
  5. If ill be the first who will be banned after setting this plug I would be freaking surprised lol
  6. Based on precaching mechanism, plugin detect if a connecting player have same file like server and when that player make first attack will be punish. Idea of this plugin is old but i added some file management to set a desired file. Requirement: In root of server game must have opengl32.dll file or opengl32 directory with opengl files. If you have many files chance to detect players is low in cycle mode, so let it in for a while to have some statistics and after that can delete ineffective files and add new one only at a time Commands: amx_opengl_list to view available files amx_opegl_set x where x is form amx_opengl_list for a fixed file to check or 0/without argument for cyclic files cvars to add in amxx.cfg only if you want others than defaults opengl_bantime - default 43200 (43200 minutes = 30 days) opengl_punish_type - defalut 1 ; 1 - ban ; 2 - kick; 3 - log opengl_show_admin - default 1 ; 0 - disable; 1 - only admins; 2 - everyone l.e. Is about wallhack/forbiden opengl32.dll files, don't put good/clean files from video driver in opengl32 directory. If is permitted I attach an collection of wallhack files from cs-opengl32 detector Also here is the link where I got this... Lots of people are saying its really good, and losts of people are saying this not good for servers... I would suggest to check the link first before taking any actions... https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=230495 @ Owner @ Co-Owner @ General Staff @ Staff
  7. You know what you right, Its all my fault, I didn't pay attention that hes topic was in Zombie section!!!!, you are 100% right, and i'm 100% wrong....
  8. Thats what actually admin does. Only kick, slay, ban... If you would be Server Manager then you would have more access to amxmodmenu...
  9. Best thing is to bind. Same as Gloomy said earlier. I have - bind "]" amxmodmenu Easy, fast and cool...
  10. I can help with language. I speak Russian very well... My 1st language basically lol
  11. Hey guys, Suggestion about the /spec plugin. When I use to had admin a while ago we could easy transfer to spec only by typing in console /spec, and spec people that way we were still in a team, and it was showing us as a life. That way hacker don't see that admin is dead and can spec, will continue using hacks... I think that will really help a lot... Because when we jump to spec they see that, and some of them so smart they stopping, but some so stupid they continue .... when you done and ready to join a game all you had to do was type /back or just same way M and choose team... I'll need to look I forgot how that plugging was calling... I had somewhere all plugins, if ya interested ill look up, or you can just look up online.... Like I said is just a suggestion, if ya don't like it please don't leave any weird comments lol.... Thanks...
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