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  1. Already banned. Closed/Moved
  2. First, @Camaro. all admin here know your work in server, I accepted you as Server Admin because you are a really good person But with small problems... You can fix that ik you are very able to fix that problems and i will tell you in PM. @Ryu. You are new in this server maybe 2 days or 3 Really idk how many days have in our server, so you cant say " I do a lot of server and you dont do nothing" or other things similary, because you dont know the help of Camaro for the server, he help me with evaders, hackers, problems in the DD2, he do a lot of things for LS. So you cant come here and say that words... Also Your ss I dont see nothing about the fight, maybe you upload the wrong ss or really i dont know.. You are staff and you cant ban other admin if you dont have 1 special permission for do that thing or have permission of the higher ranks ( I talking of General Staff, co owner, Owner ) You threatened 1 admin saying "I will ban/demoted you" No dude, If 1 admin insult players or insult other admin you need stop the fight give a warning saying "Stop the fight or both will get serious sanctions" That way need act the staff.. @Spawn If you have ss of the moment when Ryu insult other players you have permission for upload in this thread
  3. Really good job mate, I think you need apply for mapper. @AirStriker You need see this mate, maybe we can add this map really good.
  4. Idk why dont trash this thread.. He dont use the correct format.. that rule apply for all members. Anyways ty @JiNing For take care of this
  5. Updated @Olivia Ruby Accepted as Trial admin, good luck in your 2 weeks!
  6. Edit your thread and use the correct format, or i will give trashed to your thread
  7. Updated. @[Cr7] has been demoted. If you have any problem pm me.
  8. Nightbot.


    Mate next time put 1 time the link, isn't necesary put the link of the demo 3 or 4 times. The demo is DIRTY Banned. Closed/Moved
  9. Nightbot.


    The demo is DIRTY. Now you are admin so you have access for ban people who use hacks. Banned Closed/Moved
  10. Updated. @Vacilatela ッ Joined as Server Admin!.
  11. Updated. @mindekas10 Accepted as Server Admin. Welcome to the Blue team!
  12. Updated. @GoLDeN-MAFIA Accepted as Server Admin. Welcome to the Blue team again!
  13. Updated. @JoKeR Joined as Trial Admin, Good luck in your trial !
  14. Nightbot.

    REALLY ??

    Please use the correct format.
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