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  1. That's Enough, @Anna dont come back to our servers. Or you will have a serious problem with all higher ranks of Lost Souls. Archived. Closed/Moved
  2. @KrakenYou have proof about what you saying? , because I need ss or something for check that.. in this case the only person who have proof about what happen in server it was Anna...
  3. Please be more patient and dont spam in this thread, @Kraken please this is so important.. answer when u can or when you have time for this
  4. I cant understand, you disrespected the admin? or he insult you?.. also @Kraken what happen with this?
  5. @JOKER ZA please next time use the correct format here you have the format, create a new post and use this format. Trashed
  6. Dude this really work? lmao my internet is 20 mb what can do?
  7. Nightbot.

    Report Dony

    @dony it's a serious error... Also you have experience for do the admin job, please be more careful the next time and try read when the players say you something, because you job its get the control of the server and kick or ban the player who break our rules in server. In this case ban because the player cant do that.. We have a rule about that and you know what rule im saying. @kaptin1 thanks for the report of this admin. Warned. Closed/Moved
  8. Nightbot.

    Report Dony

    @Spawn please wait for other answer of staff. Also @dony can you explain me this situation ?...
  9. @phenomena If this thread is a report please use the correct format. Here you have the format of reports, also please dont post the report in the "Banned" section, if you dont use the correct format i will trash your thread.
  10. Updated. @Spawn joined as Server Manager. Welcome!
  11. @DRACON-D-PRO12 i will give you 12 hours for provide a ss about your ammo. If you dont provide i will trash this thread and we dont give you te aps, because for give that ammount of aps need a proof about that..
  12. Go sleep nub hahaha

    1. AmerHS


      Bish it's 10:28 Am lol

      You have to go to sleep 🙄😂😂

  13. Nightbot.


    Welcome to LS mate!, your skills are awesome !! feel free to apply for member in our community. Here you have the member form for apply.
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