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  1. @irido We already left a note in the shop saying that : treat this code as if it was your vip password. You have to redeem it every map. And to keep that code Somewhere safe in case you need it again. Just like now ... You should talk to staff+ about it. @Ryu @JiNing please take a look at this when you have time.
  2. MoChakis

    report joker

    @HaZaRd JoKeR some admins and trial admins contacted me complaining about somethings you did that considered as ( Abuse ) . But i tried to give you a chance and i told them ( Dont worry i'll talk to him). 1/ - If you know the rules . You'd know that We have a rule talking about invisible color glow being forbidden . And that you cant revive yourself after getting killed by a (Zombie). Specially in a Mode . Because its not fair. Not even for a high rank. 2/- @dony is an old admin in LS and when he saw you making mistakes. Instead of reporting you directly . He wanted to give you a chance . So He told you to not do any of those mistakes because its a rule breaking . But you ignored him on the Admin Chat. Now theres nothing left except for giving you a warning . Becareful with your actions . If you keep doing any of this . That will lead to suspention and then demote. @Fireboy theres nothing to explain. And theres no denying that can face these evidence. @HaZaRd JoKeR Go read LS rules carefully and if you have any questions or problems . feel free to PM me. Warned.
  3. Fill the form with the correct information. We cant ban someone without a Proof or an Evidence. Trashed
  4. MoChakis


    @Camaro. You cant replay here, Only DR and staff have permission to replay on this section. @GoOoD You cant make a report of two players at the same time. Trahsed.
  5. Use the correct form below : Trashed
  6. MoChakis

    Player Spam

    Thanks for your Report. Banned
  7. MoChakis


    Demo is Dirty, Thanks for your report. Banned
  8. First @HaZaRd JoKeR next time dont replay here .you dont have permission to replay on this thread. Only staff and dr . Second of all . Dont mention/tag staff to view the thread. They know what they are doing . And be patient till they take action. Read LS rules carefully.
  9. First if you want to Report a Cheater/Rule breaker Post a thread Here. And use the correct Form : And about How to record a Demo you can Learn from this Tutorial : Trashed
  10. MoChakis

    auto sgs

    1/- use the correct form 2/- next time dont tag me its against the rules, cuz i can see the requests without mentioning .and check the demo when i have time Trashed.
  11. Use the correct unban request form. Trashed
  12. MoChakis


    This Player is already got Banned by @The Girl
  13. Both Players got banned for 2hours as a Punishment, Next time play fair and avoid this mistakes @THE ONE @Frosty Closed/Moved
  14. @AirStriker seems like we need this one 100% agreed. What do you think?
  15. MoChakis

    Some fixes

    I totally agree with that. That would be great!
  16. MoChakis

    Some fixes

    I like your suggestion about the RC Bomb, i already talked about it to @AmerHS @AirStriker, and i hope they agree to Remove RC's damage on madness. About The VIP i dont agree with that, its perfect the way it is. And yea they should remove some useless Maps. Thanks for you suggestions.
  17. Demo Dirty, Thanks for your Report. Banned!
  18. Demo Dirty, Thanks for your Report. Banned!
  19. Demo Dirty, Thanks for your Report. Banned!
  20. Demo Dirty, Thanks for your Reports. Banned!
  21. Demo Dirty, Thanks for your Report. Banned!
  22. MoChakis

    NooB M@steR

    Demo Dirty, Thanks for your Report. Banned!
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