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  1. MoChakis


    Demo is Dirty. Thanks for your report. Banned!
  2. Demo is Dirty. He's 100% WH Thanks for your report. Banned.
  3. MoChakis


    Demo is Dirty. Already Banned by @ DADDY_DTPLAYTIME-|LS| Thanks for your report! (Closed/Moved)
  4. MoChakis

    zizo hacks

    Demo is Dirty. Thanks for your report. Banned.
  5. Its not allowed only for players who uses the climb zombie to get there and then antidote, thats against our rules. But in sucha case as "Explosion" he uses his FPS to get there, i usually do it . And its not a problem. Thanks for your report. Next time make your reports in the right report section. Or if your just asking. Make it in the Admin private section. Not in the Community rules section. Closed/Moved
  6. @ PieceOfShit you lucky you end up with someone like me and not some high rank on this community who really wont give a shit about you even if you touch the sky :) . i'm giving you another chance, even though you've done worse than that and i pretended like it didnt happend and i let you play on the server. Next time be respectful towards admins . and dont open your mouth alot against things that non of your business. Unbanned.
  7. hating he said Lol, i dont even know you kid but every single time i join the server i see your toxic words with all admins, you like to open your mouth alot. thats why i banned you. and you forget to make an SS for this :* Your not going to get your uban until you apologize to all admins, not to me :) And btw this thread should be trashed for not using the correct form.
  8. You couldnt ban him cuz he was already banned by @ Sm0k3 for Autobhop/Script. I Edited the ban to permanent for MultiHack. @ NEFELIM Demo is Dirty, And Thanks for your report. Banned.
  9. Demo is Dirty. And already banned by @ Yair. Try working on your demo records and fix them instead of using the camera.. so it would be easy for the DR Team to review it. Thanks for your report. Closed/Moved
  10. @ El Chapo This is the second wrong/corrupted demo i've downloaded from you. This thread will stay opened for about 24hours to provide a correct demo file. other ways it'll be trashed and you'll have to make another thread.
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