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  1. That's me R3DLol!Pop im officially leaving this community for numerous reasons i won't mention, i've been for more than a month in here, i exhausted myself helping & enhancing the community. The community was phenomal in my view and i helped a lot indirectly by my suggestions, Admin duties and disscussions with high ranked personnel, i tried my best, but i was stressed all the time and i focused on this community which affected my real life unfortunately, it was a good experiment regardless of all the disadvantages. special thanks goes to @AmerHS , @JoMaMa , @Lenda , @Chocolate69 & @thepowerofew ubica and other people who helped me but forgot to mention, R3D is done here & peace...
  2. R3DLol!Pop

    VIP Skins

    Well it took me a while searching and picking the skins but it's worth it. It's time to fulfill our VIPs expectations ! 1. V for Vendetta 2. AUS SAS 3. Loner Antigas 4. Spetsnaz Terror
  3. Thanks for all this feedback which i didn't expected ! Appreciated ! @Decoid[1]^ Thanks for your support, but unfortunately i disagree with your statement for numerous reasons. @AirStriker Appreciated well, server costs 100$ per month according to Airstriker, 5 x 12 = 60 euro per year, 60 x 3 = 180 Euro 2 month costs of a server provide you 3 years gameME services, I think the server can afford that. About userbar, i can do that. True we do need more admins, but we really need demo reviewers only 1 DR in a whole community it's too OP for him. I had no idea about the servers. Number 6: that's what im talking about Number 10: make a whole section for members and a whole section for admins! not threads! Number 20: Classified msg me for explanation.
  4. Since forums is one of the most important things to this community, i decided to suggest many suggestions to keep forums Unique, Brilliant & Updated. Suggestions: 1. Add Signature option to all users. This option is available mostly in all communities. 2. Allow guests(non-registered) to see only Community, Counter Strike Servers & Report Section. This will keep all our informations classified also not easy to Acess/Reach. 3. Connect the server with gameME Stats. gameMe Stats provide many services which are very recommended and helpful for staffs+ such as logs, Amx Bans, Players informations Also for players such as Statistics, cool Signatures and ranks even making it easy to report hackers. 4. Add Server Admins, Trial Admins & Members to Roster. As far as i know, Those guys are members of the clan too! 5. Add Rank option to Members+ Im talking about the rank which is bellow member's name, this is kinda like member+ privilege. 6. Add Report hackers & Formats & Discord to options board. This will make it easier to report hackers, making applications also accessing to discord even gaining time. 7. Unite Mapping & Coding section and Desining section under one section named LS Services. Forums is flooded with useless topics and threads. 8. Reduce Community section threads. Rename "Ls Community rules" " LS Community All in one" Move Competition & steam giveaways, Introduction, General Disscussions, Tutorials, Suggestions and feedback and offtopics to Member's sections. 9. Remove/Delete Zombie mod & Zombie Escape Threads from LS Servers Section. Those servers do not even exist so why their threads do so? 10. Add a Whole section for Members and same goes for Admins. This is really necessary. 11. Remove Media Section. Useless/dead section could be replaced in Member's section. 12. Remove "Activity" and replace it with 'Unread" on options board in addition of unread posts Counter with 99 max. All new/unread topics & posts should be there. 13. Remove Youtuber and Designer Application threads. People can be our youtubers and designers without applying. 14. Add Gaming Staff Application. This role should be Applyable but with a strict requirements. 15. Allow users to change their names without resorting to change name application. 16. Add Loyal Servant Rank. This rank/role is locked to the people who done a lot for the server & exhausted themselves developping/enhancing it. 17. Make Veteran Rank locked for Inactive/Retired & Honorary players. 18. Add Clans & Clan Request. Clans with Mentionning Ability example @DustTeam, this will be really helpful and useful. 19. Remove Trial Demo Reviewer role and replace it with Demo Reviewer Manager Role/rank. Since someone get accepted for DR it means he's able to deal and analyze all kind of hackers, Trial isn't really needed. DR Manager can approve & deny DR applicants he's their supervisor. 20. Add Rewarding system which can be Activated/Disactivated depends on situations. Classified. Reforms: 1. Fix Permissions and allow all users to permanently edit their posts, ability to make polls & Ability to see who reacts to their posts. 2. Notify automatically Staffs & Admins when a new suggestion is posted. 3. Notify automatically Staffs when a new Clan membership/Admin/Demo Reviewer/ Server Manager Application is posted. 4. Notify automatically Admins when a new membership & Admin Application is posted. 5. Notify automatically Admins when a new topic is made in Admins Private section. Notifications can be enabled/disabled. Note: This topic is still under construction & all copyrights goes to R3DLol!Pop (me) Im aware of all grammar faults which will be fixed ASAP. @ Owner @ Co-Owner @ General Staff @ Staff @ Server Manager @ Head Admin @ Server Admin
  5. As you all know, many maps are disliked by players due to numerous reasonable reasons. feel free to vote & comment bellow even requesting map addition to vote list ! Note: Choices are mulitiplied, therefore you can select more choices.
  6. Well, after several hours of playing in dust2 i made a conclusion of all issues & problems of the server. 1. Camping 2. Unbalanced teams 3. Lag Suggestions aka Solutions: 1. Add Camp Meter 2. Add Auto Balance 3. Fix the server's configuration Please don't forget to share your opinions bellow.
  7. Member Name: R3DLol!Pop Nickname of the Hacker/Rule breaker: rounaldo Hacker's/Rule breaker's Steam ID: VALVE_5:0:1390900895 Which server was the Hacker/Rule breaker in?: dust2 Description of hack or rule being broke: Aimbot/Speedhack Proof/demo of the offense being made: https://www.mediafire.com/file/owqxqb32yh57xni/rounaldoaim1.dem/file Additional details needed for our DR team to review:
  8. First of all i would like to thank you for this feedback, Well, i cannot deny what you said about recoil because it's reasonable, but, price can be discussed, im sure not all players are aware of this trick(Recoil+Unlimited), when i buy Golden AK-47, Nuke/Fire/Freeze M4a1 i feel like something is messing and the weapon is not that effective especially with AK-47..., i don't really agree with you about zombies, zombies can deal with that trick, they can bhop or even spam jump+D or +A they can even use madness too, even it was an option in roz, let's give it a shot why not, if it's too OP we'll remove it. I think it's time for @ Owner to give us his final decision.
  9. Well, First of all i want to thank you for this feedback, what can be concluded is this feedback is made from a commercial vision. so about the infection bomb i just mentioned that should be disabled in the last minute what i meant with that, usually last humans get infected by that bomb which results in killing them and ending of the round and this stuff isn't tolerated in other servers. let's look at it from a commercial vision, the more services you make, the more interests you get, the more money you make :)
  10. here is the list of suggestions i made which can make Zombie Plague more enjoyable to everyone. Non Expired Weapons (Lasts more than one single round, untill the survivor gets infected) - Balrog Ethereal - AKM 12 - Sawn-Off Shotgun - Violingun - Rock Guitar Allowing Weapons to remain on the ground (Example: you pick them again after antidote) Climber zombie should immidiately stop climbing when he gets shot (300 damage) Add "No Recoil" option to items ( 15 Ammo packs) Add a skin to Survivor's Ak-47 Add a mode on the first and the last round. Disable Infection Bomb on last players or disallow it on the last minute. Add /donate or /give option ( players can give & get ammo packs and won't focus on admins anymore) Fix Sawn off Shotgun bug (Shotgun unlimited clip) Fix adverts and add advertisements for our shop Allow Knife retreat (the human/survivor can push the zombies and kill them) (Optional) Add Assasins vs Snipers Mod Note: it's not imposed to add all those suggestion, only the suggestion that majority like, peace and all copyrights goes to LS.
  11. i was using a non steam CS 1.6 and i made 1810 APs as the screenshot bellow shows. zm_ls_biohazard_base_v20001.bmp So i want my ammo in my new Cs 1.6 Steam and here's my new steam id: STEAM_0:1:509533532
  12. Member Name: R3DLol!Pop Nickname of the Hacker/Rule breaker: PRO TUNISIA GAMING Hacker's/Rule breaker's Steam ID: VALVE_5:0:663474884 Which server was the Hacker/Rule breaker in?: Dust2 Description of hack or rule being broke: Aimbot/Wallhack Proof/demo of the offense being made: http://www.mediafire.com/file/lc8bplqr69kafbq/aimfag2.dem/file Additional details needed for our DR team to review:
  13. Nice ! i need Cs 1.6 and here's my steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/AggressiveLynx/
  14. Member Name: R3DLol!Pop Nickname of the Hacker/Rule breaker: StoqnchoBG Hacker's/Rule breaker's Steam ID: VALVE_5:0:1478494414 Which server was the Hacker/Rule breaker in?: Dust2 Description of hack or rule being broke: Aimbot Proof/demo of the offense being made: https://www.mediafire.com/file/9b3q4n30phawjhx/aimcocksucker1.dem/file Additional details needed for our DR team to review:
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