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  1. Sorry becuase i copy from other post, maybe mixed up onlink. Below are the one. http://www.mediafire.com/file/dqbjlp3svnhsfgu/demotaz.dem/file
  2. Member Name: Octopi ( I'm Just registered player here ) Nickname of the Hacker/Rule breaker: King_Taz Hacker's/Rule breaker's Steam ID: VALVE_0:037391043 Which server was the Hacker/Rule breaker in?: Zombie Plague Description of hack or rule being broke: Script / Hyperscroll ? Proof/demo of the offense being made: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dqbjlp3svnhsfgu/demotaz.dem/file Additional details needed for our DR team to review: . Player complain about him hacking, then i asked who, and they say King_Taz. I played in several other places as well and this person is banned in almost all of them. i did kick him when i see his abnormal speed ( even with fast FPS, his speed is not nornal compare to other fast fps players ive seen ) . But i don't know much about autoBHOP/or SGS / SCRIPT so i record the demo and put it here . If the person in question is hacking pls ban him, if not, sorry for kicking. All i can do is advice the player in question not to use hack since i don't know much about the autobhop /hyperscroll thing. Thanks .
  3. Octopi


    Not in consol 😄. You just type in normal chat. First press "Y" , then type /redeem and then it will ask you to enter the code.
  4. alright right




  5. Hi guys , first can anyone post in this section ? If not please delete this and sorry. Now back to my suggestion. I would like to suggest some item in the shop. Item 1 , VIP - all vip package are already a good price . New item - VIP+ - vip with the ability to slay / slap / ( no kick or ban ) start mode and use most basic amx commamd - amx_csay /amx_tsay and start mode - price usd 15 to 20. It would be great if vip+ have diff skin. 🤗🤗 New item - Donate1 , it can be usd 5 / USD 10 / USd / 15 / USd 20 where each package comes with ammo pack and free basic normal vip for some month ? Ie - one month / two month and so on. Now to Admin package. I feel like admin package should be more expensive and starts at USD 10 min and must have a requirement where the player need to have vouch from 5 other admins before able to buy it ? Because i feel that the real admin are always those who are PRO and apply through the correct way? I have bought a couple of vips / and admins and test them out. The reason i buy admin actually for the special zombie look 😄 and seldom use it. Extra suggestion. Add rule to not nade "single player" without trying atleast once? Ive seen this happen , not to me of course. But when some new player buy weapon and sbs/ some zombie dont even try and nade him. It wont be a problem if the human have many aps but if the said human is new and only have 100 ap, i really pity him. Cause he will lose everything without a kill..... Maybe a rule where - only nade single human / after minimum 1 try ? But this rule of course should not apply to human vip/ admin cause they have ammo. Lets nade them 😛 . Now about event - suggestion to make special event where players can get lots and lots of free ap like maybe 1000 aps Each month ? Very sorry for the long post.
  6. Life Is Full of Mystery and Puzzles. 

    Always be Humble 


    Never Stop Learning 

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  7. Octopi

    Hello All,

    Hi all, Found this Server after going through server by server, and i can say that here is quite nice. Players and Admin are friendly too. Before this i played in Hentai SQ last year and later on found out it become LS. Happy to be part of the player here and hope this server continue to grow. :D :D In-Game Name : Octopi Country/State (province)/City : Malaysia Current Job/Career : Internet Marketer Job/Career you want : Millionaire and no need to work... LOL Which of our server(s) do you most prefer(name) : Zombie and De dust
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