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  1. the big bad bully arrived eh
  2. As it is I think it turned too side way's and no one actually noticed that I announced my resignation from trial admin that kinda big oof but fine.
  3. I think it would be much easier to take you seriously if you was active daily
  4. I think I'm supposed to ask you that lol
  5. nice way to say farewell anyways right? ] connect NET Ports: server 27015, client 27005 Server IP address Connecting to You have been banned from this server. Retrying You have been banned from this server.
  6. well simple as that, idk what about y'all but I'm out lol, peoples out here fucking around and not following the rules and im talking about admins, they are not enforcing it and they are being childish inside the server and unfortunately i thought that in here it would be different then GC that shit won't happened here, but I guess I'm wrong!, Farewell peoples.
  7. man you funny as fuck, you can't even do SHIT LMAOOO
  8. man idfk what about ya'll, but I'm going to laugh at hes blackass as long as he's gaming LMAO
  9. man I think +1 about limiting Grenade's and i think that we should remove some Grenade's too, the frost Grenade should be more then 10 aps, and we should get only 1 per round and remove the Grenade that makes light since it useless in most of maps cause it can be ridiculously useless by making very high brightness that can blind you and about the assasian zombie with have, we should remove it since we got like 2 times better version which is vampire zombie.
  10. yep but it will take me time to add funds to the steam account
  11. I think I've decided to do another one, but much smaller then the last lol. please help me to do it fast, I will record this one and you will be free to come to my lobby when I will do it https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198253950137 if you have extra cases feel free to trade me then, if you to take a cut from what I will get, feel free to ask for skins I will unbox. last time me and @xp3 did around 180+ cases xD
  12. tell your friend i've been gifted the game
  13. he didn't yet, it shows me on the list but i can't really do anything cause its saying he's not in my friend list 😛
  14. i love the suggestions for real, but the donation/give can be easly glitched, i remember back then alot of peoples gliched it
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