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  1. he told me "it was a malfunction" in chatwhen I asked wtf he was doing to me
  2. Alright. Too bad the demo doesn't contain his admin abusing he was doing before that part. He literally kept the force thing on me for like 10 minutes knowing it wasn't doing anything
  3. You're garb dude. You admin abused me off demo
  4. Yes sir, I'm hacking on a steam account. Please, enlighten me and list every hack you saw in that demo. I can't seem to find any
  5. sak Sake of what?? You were finding nothing from using the command on me! LOL! And then you continued and got nothing. You won't post ur abusing though
  6. You used your admin tools on me first, and you kept using it to where I couldn't play. You're fucked up, guy
  7. I wasn't "still jumping" though. After you used it on me, I couldn't do anything until you used another command to allow me to jump again
  8. I have no clue what faber is, lol but uhh whatever? I came here because of all the rule breaking everyone else was doing earlier cuz no one else was there to enforce anything.
  9. Nice proof, buddy. That was weak. I kicked you because you kept spamming on it (out of film on me) and I couldn't hop. The commands use is to make you keep hopping, but yet I wasn't after you used the command on me... Lack of evidence.. good day sir @CleaNSkunK
  10. Sup guys, been playing the zm for a bit and finally wanted to hop on the forums 😃 I'd actually like to join and help regulate the server for night time players, as we see many cheaters/scripters In-Game Name : Changes a lot, went by PaRtYMiX Real Name : Mike Age/Birth Date : Gettin old 😧 Country/State (province)/City : LA. Current Job/Career : Utility/Part time service member Job/Career you want : full time officer in ARNG Which of our server(s) do you most prefer(name) : -L|S- Zombie Plague Steam (if you have) : STEAM_0:1:59205163 who invited you here? : Forgot his name.
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