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  1. Being honest, I do not know why I lost my ammo packs if I had not spent them, it's more I wanted to get to 20k ammo packs and they lost me for some strange reason
  2. No friend, I just reinstall the Cs when I do not respond to servers that actually work and are online, and my ID does not change
  3. Please see my last video of L | S, after playing, I got to play other games, today I got into the server my ammo packs disappeared, I had exactly the ammo packs of my last video
  4. Your name: Danny On behalf of the game: YoutubeChannel: Venom Cs 1.6 ZP STEAM / Valve ID: VALVE_5: 0: 2131351506 Current AP: 11293
  5. Check my channel on YouTube and suscribe > https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAEcjO2YDG4aG6j6NIZnI3A
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