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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
Asking for Free Admin+ rank and Free VIP will be subject to Permanent Ban!!
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    I came from ZoD in 2014 had played alot back then. Then i have play lgk server one time and i play on the zp server once and it was alot of fun playing lgk maps and both community are really good back then some of the best memories.
    Hope everyone will be appreciate of me playing on lsgamerz on zp server and get along each other thank you.
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    Video games, Music, Sports, animes and Cooking

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  1. Happy New Years Day Airstriker!

  2. Hi Nepu gf

    1. Nepu


      Hello Fred Jones:D my darling

    2. Fred Jones
  3. I think your steam got hacked.

    1. Nepu


      oh yeah someone told me i readd u ok mississippi! sorry about that i changes my password add me back.

  4. Hehe you said u my gf bro

  5. Happy birthday Mississippi bullet Buddy!

  6. Happy birthday Motasem Sahie! hope you have a awesome day we miss you so much.

  7. Sorry for the late birthday, anyways Happy birthday Laith!

    1. Laith Bobo

      Laith Bobo

      Haha np, and Thanks 😅💕

  8. Happy birthday Respect_lawyer! Have a awesome day my friend one of the nicest co owner.

  9. Happy birthday Buddy, wish you have a great day. 

  10. +Rep very nice admin and friendly person. Hope u are doing okay special force have a awesome day!

    1. Fred Jones

      Fred Jones

      hmm +rep Better Who is good admin

    2. Kuroku


      im doing well so far sill 2 left thank you my dudes

  11. Hi there NightMitch! Let's go and watch some hentai anime and yuri animes uwu!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Kuroku


      watch harem its the best lol


    3. Razor
    4. Fred Jones

      Fred Jones

      Watch IT chapter 2, Penny wise return. 

  12. Dear everyone and the staff.

    Well sad news about ZoD server in cs 1.6 it is going to move on to csgo server. And i know some of you came from ZoD, that the ZoD server is going to be closed down soon in cs 1.6 server and it is a very sad news about hearing this. Some of the new players haven't had experience playing ZoD server, and i had alot of fun playing ZoD alot it was the best memories of all times playing with everyone and the staff people there such like Spark, Siscon, Jomama, Fishsticks, and everyone in the community and the people were awesome and playing with them and having fun with them.

    Thank you ZoD communuty for the good memories playing with the staff and everyone in the server.                                  LongLiveZoD 

     Memories of playing ZoD a very long time ago in 2014.





  13. Congrats Carl on your admin! hope we can see each other in zp and kick some zombies.

    1. carl


      hh thanks bud

  14. +rep very friendly admin in zp server.

    1. Kuroku


      ty dude +rep very friendly dude

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