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    Hey y'all banned me for 1 day for behavior and when I came back I behaved. I didn't insult anyone. You can look at the demo "Schmidt" submitted and I think the worst thing I said was "dick blocker" to a person blocking? Pretty sure that was to ZIA too who got banned for blocking/trucing a few minutes later. Hardly the worst thing that players who don't get banned say on a daily basis. A few of you have had it out for me *cough* Dony *cough*. This dude gags me all the time for no reason. I'll play without speaking and he'll just start calling me toxic and gag me out of nowhere. Anyways, that demo is seriously weak if that's the "proof" that I've been disrespectful at all since the 1 day ban. Honestly, grow a pair Dony, it's not a server for 5 year olds. Look at that demo and tell me where's the disrespect... ban also says "racism" hahaha thats a joke, never said a racist word. Thanks
  2. This motherfucker team blocked me into zms 3x, anti-ed when 1st zm 2x, would constantly replant LM, plain blocked and truced all in one session. Plenty witnesses - pelikans, shiny and more. Watch out for this douchebag
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