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  1. This will be funny for VIPs or who bought those extra items, and it will be hell for ZM's + the map= 30 mins, that means every map will have only 3 rounds lol I respect you and your suggesting but I don't agree with you, sorry
  2. I don't think so lol This plugin helps u to know the HP of the other person. When u damage him, and ya I agree with you, to don't show it when he shooted from the wall only, cuz he will know ur place, and he will remain shooting until he. Kill you
  3. Welcome back Teddo!! Aw.
  4. [Cr7]

    /Skin Menu for ZP

    These Skins are so beautiful, but I think we can't add them to VIP because they'll be so much players following them and blocking them and annoying like Admins,, maybe if they added to Admins, no thing will change,, they will follow them as usually,, so I agree with u if they'll be for Admins PS: I'm not saying that because I'm only admin lol
  5. Man you don't learn??! You don't have onether section??? Only news,, First not appropriate section, second not correct format,, and without proof Bro pls learn to post everything in is correct section
  6. sorry for post here but you guys won't ban him cuz no proof, so i will take care of him always
  7. i already sign in to this net apply whta tho


    1. [Cr7]
    2. [ RealUnspeakable ]

      [ RealUnspeakable ]

      In Game name:[ RealUnspeakable ] Steam ID: I dont have one Ammo Pack Previously is 800+

    3. [Cr7]


      Bro,, to see your steamID,, type in your console status,, search at your name and copy/paste ur steamID

      If u need anything tell me,, don't post it at my profile, post it at the thread that I showed you

  8. Congratz broo,, keep it up

  9. Congraz bruh,, next week you will be Owner xd
  10. Congratulations mate for ur perm adm

  11. From where u copy/paste those shits???! Xd nuba Ty anyway
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