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Motasem Sahle

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  1. Wait u ment active in zp or dd2 @Pyromaniac
  2. I want to ask u sth why u didn't aaken us about this glitch (about your ban) Don't say shit about our admins and this clan Pleas do some respects Thanks
  3. Motasem Sahle


    i don't have this model Someone else check this demo
  4. He is #Dirty #Speedhack/Aimbot Thanks for recording Banned.... Closed/Moved
  5. i can @thepowerofew ubica
  6. Your name: -Motasem In-game name: -L|S- Motasem Sahly STEAM-ID: STEAM_0:0:244244274 Current AP? i think 20
  7. Motasem Sahle


    i don't have this map can someone check
  8. Welcome to LS bro have fun!!
  9. He is #Dirt #Script/Autobhop Banned.... Closed/Moved
  10. Steam id is wrong check again buddy Trached
  11. @Aristotle and @Motasem Sahle are the DR
  12. He is #Dirty #Wallhack+Aimbot Thanks for reporting. Banned... Closed/Moved.
  13. Welcome back my friend i missed u hope to fuck u in dd2 again lol enjoy.
  14. Nice work but u want to raise ur fps Copmlete
  15. @Aristotle i don't have this model check when u can
  16. Welcome back any time dude i'm waiting u in dd2 😄 but always take the right way Enjoy
  17. Modesty is required here that's a terrible behave......
  18. u want to recored some cheaters as others if u made an account not means u are admin u want to do some works to get admin level good luck hope to see u an admin soon do ur best
  19. Good Luck Zaki hope to see u again ❤️
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