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    1. Motasem Sahle
    2. Motasem Sahle

      Motasem Sahle

      Heyy you have stolen my song loll 

      Have fun

    3. Izy Jones
  2. Alright you literally just tried to apply to my clan AGAIN after you got declined SEVEN TIMES!! You’re already in a different clan just give up

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. LittleLost


      should i talk*


    3. Motasem Sahle

      Motasem Sahle

      Nah we finished this shiet

      Co-owner's done their work


    4. AmerHS


      Nah thank you LittleLost, even tho idk what are u going to ask but like ye this case is closed since the last app by motasem was in 2017, and he's a DR here so surely he's not thinking on double clanning cause he already knows it's not allowed.

      Anyways thank you again for your offer to help!

  3. Welcome to LS bro have fun!!
  4. He is #Dirt #Script/Autobhop Banned.... Closed/Moved
  5. Steam id is wrong check again buddy Trached
  6. @Aristotle and @Motasem Sahle are the DR
  7. He is #Dirty #Wallhack+Aimbot Thanks for reporting. Banned... Closed/Moved.
  8. Welcome back my friend i missed u hope to fuck u in dd2 again lol enjoy.
  9. Nice work but u want to raise ur fps Copmlete
  10. @Aristotle i don't have this model check when u can
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