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  1. a plugin is not even needed such as the one you mentioned or linked for us... simple Motd amxx code would do the work....i can do it easily if yall want it in... @ AirStriker
  2. do you really think you can scare us by using a shitty website to expose our forum IPs (nigga piss off they're wrong anyways), and even shitter random image of an anonymous with a linux background? kid, drink ur milk and don't forget to use the bathroom before u sleep so u don't pee ur self, otherwise ur mama gonna be angry at ya
  3. -L|S- Doubts


    God damn it! we'll be adding lots of maps soon i guess lol
  4. If I'm not wrong he meant the ones who get infected by infection nades shouldnt be able to use antidote, the one who throws the nade is already restricted from using antidotes lol
  5. Was thinking of suggesting same lol [uSER=1]AirStriker[/uSER] [uSER=76]TheLadyVenom[/uSER] (when you around, see this)
  6. JoMaMa Ryu MoChakis Chocolate69 [banG '] Julio Kraken -L|S- AMINE~pro~ [-L|S-]*Mary[!]<3 LS Elor gamer sen7s CleaNSkunK CSGOJunkie -L|S- SaKRaN~ Jumper Proskater THE ONE Laithbobo1 Freesh.pe Red eye Thelifetoboomber Any reports regarding admins abusing/admins not doing their job must be directly report to @JoMaMa / @ MoChakis / @Ryu / @Chocolate69 or reported in Admin Abuse under Reports Section. Regards, Staff Management.
  7. 1. You must follow the Rules as any other user(ServerRules/Forum's). 2. Admins aren't allowed to use their powers on other admins. If you find another admin cheating in anyway you are to report the admin… you are not allowed to take action yourself ... If caught doing so you will be demoted IMMEDIATELY upon finding 3. Admins aren't allowed to remain in spec for no reason(just to count activity time). 4. Admins aren't allowed to abuse their powers to gain self-advantage over other players. 5. Admins must wear the clan tag in-game which is -L|S- or |LS|. 6. Admins must use their forum names on the server. 7. Admins must always have at least one evidence before banning any player(DemoRequests/EvidenceRequest by DR team will be made to every admin from time to time). 8. Admins must be Active In-Game and Open Forums on daily basis. 9. If there is a ban evader and they keep on coming back after they've been banned 3 times (No more than 3!! If more, there will be punishment.), then don't ban them. Abuse them instead. Make it impossible for them to play. 10. If a player is using any sort of scripts, then ban for one week as a warning ban. If they come back after the week and they continued hacking, only then ban them permanently for evasion. 11) Admins can make nemesis in dragon, and nightcrawler mode, but cannot make more than "2" nemesis. 12) "Do not" make more than 1 dragon or 1 nightcrawler. 13) 10 second rule. If the mode is "random" the 10 second rule doesn't apply, If an admin makes a mode before the count down in the beginning of match gets to 1, then the 10 second rule applys. If you wait for the count down in beginning of match the 1st nemesis can automatically start killing.creating 2 nemesis, the 2nd nemesis "always" has to wait 10 seconds and cannot block enter or exit path. These rules apply for anyone who has admin access in ZP, not only "Admins" Note: breaking any of the rules will cause punishments. Regards... Management
  8. Cheater Report Form Please use this form to report a hacker Member Name: Nickname of the Hacker/Rule breaker: Hacker's/Rule breaker's Steam ID: Which server was the Hacker/Rule breaker in?: Description of hack or rule being broke: Proof/demo of the offense being made: Additional details needed for our DR team to review: Regards, Management.
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