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  1. JailBreak Server Rules Main Rules : 1- Respect everyone, no racism and no disrespect towards any kind of race, religion or country, that would cause into taking serious decisions and punishments. 2- Spamming,Violating, Shouting is not allowed. 3- The usage of any kinds of hacking, scripting, aim supporters, and other kinds of cheating are not allowed. 4- Exploiting/Using any kinds of bugs or glitches to gain self advantage over others is not allowed. 5- Team Killing is not allowed, such as using vehicles, cage buttons, cell's and cage's main doors...etc (Bannable matter) 6- This is an English Server and an English Community, so do not use any other language than English on the Microphones, you can use any other language as you please in the chat though..(EXCEPTION : Using other language to explain a particular thing or a particular rule for the warden/other CTs is allowed) 7- Ghosting is not allowed. 8- Freedays are given ONLY if you were freekilled(Killed by mistake/Killed by the lack of knowledge of a certain ct/killed because of a misunderstanding from the warden), TeamKills are not counted as freekills, however the TeamKiller gets a ban. Global Freedays (FreeDay to everysingle Prisoner) are given only if a number of 3 Prisoners were freekilled in the same round, or if a Prisoner escaped and opened the cells before the Guards. 9- The First round of the Map is Always a Freeday 10- Prisoners with a Freeday are Allowed to wander around the Map as they please without any exceptions, Guards can not force a command on them as long as they have a Freeday, meaning they can enter the GunRoom, Vents, Towers...etc , If they were caught having any kind of weapons, Guards can kill them without any warning shots (Weapons such as : Rifles, Pistols, Grenades, Harpoons, suicide bombs.....etc) 11- Guards must end the Global Freeday at the time of 4:30 , and force their command on the prisoners, afterwards they can kill any rebelling prisoner, However, Single Player's Freeday, or the Freeday that was bought ends when there is only 1 prisoner left from their team mates, Guards afterwards can remove their freeday and force their commands on them. CT/Guards' Rules 1- The Warden has to Call the day before 8:00, which gives them 60 seconds to call the day, otherwise it'd be a Global Freeday (Calling a day means, forcing out a command such as "All Prisoners get inside the cage", calling out a game such as HandiCapped Day, Strict Day...etc) 2- Guards Have to Protect their Warden and help them accomplishing a successful day. 3- Guards can not break into the Vents even if they know there is a Prisoner(s) hiding or trying to rebel, but they can go through opened ones(They Can break into the vents in Freedays though) 4- Prisoners can Kill any Guard that is Taunting (Taunting is Getting too close to the Cage's Door, they must stay at least 3 Steps away from it). 5- The Warden has to give a CountDown of 5 Seconds on each Command, however the First Command (Calling the Day) does not require a CountDown otherwise the prisoners are not forced to do that command. 6- Guards must give Warning Shots before killing a Prisoner, and repeat their last Command since a Prisoner might have not heard it, Unless the warden gave a command of not giving any warning shots. 7- Guards must not interrupt the Warden's Speech unless there is a very important reason...(chatting with each other while the warden is talking is not allowed) 8- Giving Prisoners a weapon to kill the Warden or any kind of corruptions to the Warden's day is not allowed, Gun-Planting to make a reason to Kill a prisoner is not allowed, and it'd be counted as a freekill (Gun-Planting : Throwing your gun, your pistol or anything that might give u a reason to kill a prisoner) 9- Bad Microphones or Un-Clean Microphones are not Allowed, your voice has to be clear and understandable, Do Not enter the Guards team if you dont have a microphones, or if you have bad background noises. 10- Guards must Explain what the prisoners are supposed to do, you can not call the day with "It's a Handi Cap day, all Prisoners get inside the Cage" and open the cells, you must explain what is a Handi Cap day.... 11- Other Guards must not use their menus or abuse them, such as setting glows...giving freedays... or giving microphones ...etc before asking the Warden for a permission. 12- Two Commands with separated countdowns can't meet, meaning If the Warden called the prisoners to Freeze and Face the Backwall of the cage, then made a new command with a new countdown saying Prisoners must freeze at the back wall inside the cage, that disables the first command which is "prisoners have to freeze and FACE the backwall of the cage", unless the warden called 2 commands under the same countdown. TS/Prisoners' Rules 1- Prisoners must obey the Warden's commands otherwise they're considered as rebels, and Guards are allowed to kill them. 2- Prisoners Mustn't TeamKill so they reach the LastRequest or gain any self advantage, Teamkilling is a bannable matter. 3- The Prisoner as their LastRequest, They can pick up any last request they want and they can decide their own rules and Guards must run under those rules otherwise the prisoner gets a freeday, by default, cheating in a LastRequest is not allowed, but if the prisoner breaks that, the guard can cheat, the Breaking must come from the prisoner's side, otherwise the prisoner would get a Freeday on the nextround. (cheating means, such as running to the gunroom and getting a Gun in a Shot 4 Shot LR...etc) Popular Games / Commands 1- Freeze : Freeze Command means the Prisoners have to stop moving immediately, any move afterwards might cause into their death (Note : Moving the mouse is allowed and This command does not require a countdown) 2- Strict Day : Strict day is called by the start of the round only, strict day means, every prisoner has to get out of their cells, take one step away and face their cells, until the warden ends that day. 3- Handi-Capped Day : Handi-Cap day is also called by the start of the round only, Handi-Cap is a day where prisoners have to keep crouching continuously without lefting it, and without jumping, slashing or stabbing. 4- Silent/Quite - Day : it is a day called by the start of the round too, Silent Day is where Prisoners MUST NOT Make any noise, such as slashing noises, stabbing, footsteps because of running, jumping, anything that causes sounds or noises is forbidden, and it might cause into the prisoner's death. 5- Snake's-Head Day : Snake's-Head day is called whenever the warden wants, it is allowed to be used in any time during the day, Snake's-Head day means, The warden chooses a random prisoner, that random prisoner is the Snake's head, all prisoners must be crouching the whole day, following the snake's head in a particular line, if the head jumps, all others have to jump, if the head slashes, prisoners have to slash otherwise they're considered as rebellers and guards are allowed to kill them.....until the warden calls an end for it. 6- Simon-Says Day : Simon Says game/day could be started at any time during the round. Simon Says is a Game where prisoners have to obey the commands that require the "Simon Says", For example : "Simon Says All Prisoners jump and keep jumping"..... then the warden says "All Prisoners follow my blue line" , whoever follows the blue line gets to die since the warden hasn't said "Simon Says" in that command...that game doesn't stop unless the warden dies or calls an end for it. (Note: Rule N.12 of Guards' Rules does not apply on simon says, And simon says commands do not require countdowns) 7- Hot-Potato or Red-Ball Game : This game is different than the other Games/Days...This game requires having the prisoners locked up inside the cage, and turning on Soccer Dodge Ball MiniGame, Whoever gets hit with the ball dies from the prisoners, prisoners can slash/stab it, And Guards can shoot the Ball if the Warden gives them the permission. Thanks for taking the effort of reading the Rules of our Jailbreak Server! We wish you all happy and fair gameplay...any unclear point of the rules please report it to the managers. Please keep in touch as there might be new updates and edits for the rules. Regards....JailBreak's Management Team.

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