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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
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  1. UPDATE : Added a few rules. Main Rules 12- Current Ratio is 1 Guard to 3 Prisoners, otherwise, a Ratio Freeday must be called and the first CT to die will go back to Prisoners team (Such as having 2 Guards to 5 Prisoners, mostly because someone from prisoners had disconnected) CT Rules 14- Guards are not Allowed to Enter the Cells before 7:30 , otherwise Prisoners can kill you, it's considered taunting. 15- The Warden must use his microphone and only his microphone to call out Commands, 16- Guards must make an AFK Check (Countdown) before killing a Prisoner if t
  2. Please Note if you fail to meet those requirements, your admin application will be denied. 1- You need to be a Member for at least 7-Days and have a total of 50 hours activity in jailbreak (Gameme stats) 2- Admins must be active on the server and on forums. 3- Admins have to report at least 4-5 rule breakers/hackers/cheaters in Jailbreak. 4- Admins must be able to Speak/Write fluent English. 5- Admins must have Clear Microphones. 6- Admins must play as Guards regularly. 7- Admins must warn wardens through their Microphones when they're mistaken. 8- Maturity is a must.
  3. Hello L|S ! We officially announce releasing the custom made Jailbreak Server by LS team. We're currently seeking and recruiting a JB team. Since JB has custom rules and requirements, Permanent Server Admins do not get JB access. same goes to HA, DR and SM, they need to apply manually for admin access. As soon as we accomplish recruiting a management team we'll boost it. Hit me on DMs if you're interested.
  4. SPOT OPEN SPOT OPEN @frostyy SPOT OPEN @Natsheh @Rebellious @ ninjakayz @ dominicanbaby
  5. JailBreak Server Rules Main Rules : 1- Respect everyone, no racism and no disrespect towards any kind of race, religion or country (causes taking serious decisions and punishments, no exceptions). 2- Spamming,Violating, Shouting is not allowed. 3- Using Hacks, Scripts, Aim Supporters, and other kinds of cheats are not allowed. 4- Using bugs, glitches, and exploits to gain self advantage is not allowed. 5- Team Killing is not allowed, such as using vehicles, cage buttons, cell's and cage's main doors...etc (Bannable matter) 6- This is an English Server
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