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    hey guys i just want to add a mod for ctf server mod name : only knifes this plugin will disable guns for all players and make them have only knifes this will be really fun and im thinking to ask to add gungame mod but now i just like to add the only knifes mod ty i got the plugin if this suggestion accepted i will give the plugin
  2. 2 points
    Updated. @ -L|S- AMINE~pro~ promoted to Head Admin @ Jumper Joining the Blue Team
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    Setting up vpn blocker in ctf now dw he will be gone
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    1. Donation System Command Will Be zp_donateap "ID/Name" "Amount" (In The Console) Example: zp_donateap "STEAM.../VALVE.../CleaNSkunK" "500" Note: This command is applicable for Admins/Non-Admins, so this is accessible for everyone. I will leave this to the server coders, as they will be the one who will script the plugin. Thanks.
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    if we added this all players will start innoying each other and spam to get aps from each other
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    sure i will tell him ^^
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    Tu nombre: bruno En nombre del juego: QUARTZ VAPOR / ID de válvula: 2104518406 AP real? 92
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    We can add again map sorry for the two post I want add the map in Ctf What do u think @ MoChakis and @ AirStriker sorry for post again I’m searching good map for Ctf I want help 😍
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    i Added some maps from your previous suggestion. Non of this maps will be added for now. Thanks for your suggestion tho. And also this the last time i'm gonna tell you not to mention high ranks on your threads. You just gotta post your topic and then we'll check it . no need for mentioning. Closed/Moved
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    Updated. @ NEFELIM joining the Blue Team
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    Both maps will be added soon. Thanks for your suggestion. Accepted Closed.
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    I want to make a general and big apology for my behaviour to all of you, I have broken the rules a couple times in your Zombie Plague server and I have been banned twice, I'm really sorry... Wont happen again The thing is I'm 25 years old, I used to play Zombie Plague a lot like 3 years ago and I decided to play this again because I really enjoy it, I want to keep playing here and contribute to your community A big apology to the admins for breaking the rules and a sincerest apology to the players I have offended, I will play under the rules and keep it cool, thanks for your attention Have a nice day.
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    Not sure if anyone has suggested it before, but... Whenever you reach level 30, that's it. You get your AP and then thats it. From then, you just only get xp. But what if I introdouce the system What does it do? Glad you asked. (You probably didn't ask lol) Once you get lvl 30, you unlock the command /prestige. Once you have prestiged, you should be lvl 1 again with 0 xp and 1-2 prestige points. Shop should include bonuses that you'd want. Can only choose 1-2 (depends how many points are implemented to get from a prestige) Damage, AP boost from infecting/hitting/killing a zombie or human, AP boost from getting a level, Health boost (zombie), 15-20 armour (per round - human), Maybe something for free for a human or zombie (i.e a free weapon / 1 extra zombie plague). (THIS LIST IS JUST AN EXAMPLE) Maybe something else? People can always suggest. Oh yes, maybe add a prestige name aswell after a players name? in example: -L|S- Proskater [Thebestzombieplayer] Or [Prestige 1]. Something like that. Feel free to give your suggestions, and please let's keep atleast this topic alive. Most suggestions die after 30 seconds of creation. :~) @ Co-Owner @ General Staff @ Head Admin @ Owner @ Server Admin @ Server Manager @ Trial Admin @R&D @ Members
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