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Welcome to Lost Souls | Best CS 1.6 servers | Counter Strike 1.6 Servers, firstly we recommend you to register in our forums so you get more features in Servers & Forum.

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    Hey, came here to make an announce that i think everyone will like. We were thinking some way to get people interested on be an admin and be part of this great community and help us with it. Since everyone need aps we decide to add an Admin Salary System. We are going to check everyone´s activity the 5th of each month from now on, and giving some aps depending on the activity you have that month (also bans and shits) if you get caught in spec more than you should either staying afk or you left your cs running you wont receive anything that month, we will be checking admin´s job and how they enforce the rules and there might be a plus. The salary will be: 10-15 hours 1000 aps 15-20 hours - 1500 aps 20-25 hours - 2000 aps 25-30 hours - 3000 aps 30-50 hours - 4000 aps +50 hours - 5000 aps We will be posting here when admins receive their aps, for example: Admin Name: Fireboy Date: 05/09/1998 Hours: 23 Amount: 2k aps Good luck to everyone and enjoy playing! ^^ Feel free to apply for admin position if you meet the requirements, we will love to work with you. @JoMaMa and I will be taking care of this, please if someone wants to help or give the aps to an admin let us know or just post it. Regards, Staff Management.
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