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    some of you may know me i used to play alot back in the days, wandering from community to community i started out in zod in 2012 and played there quite a bit. in 2015 jedi invited me to lgk. it was funny cause the moment i got there, one of the staff members named wilano threatened to ban me for speedhacks. those were some good times. i took a quite big break when i left for the army. rn im in college fulltime, trying to get a degree to become a male stripper. i play here and there now but not as seriously as i used to. my hobbies rn are lifting, reading hentai and watching spongebob im not that good at cs so if you guys have any tips i'd greatly appreciate it
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    This plugin is from 2012 s o im sure its useless already after that much time ppl know easy ways to bypass these easyly
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    I remember you from RoZ, Base builder if i am not wrong. and hazard from rod as you said, you were uploading videos to youtube. Welcome to L|S and enjoy your stay, feel free to apply for member if you are not in another commnunity.
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    IMO I don't think we need to add to the awo in there its overpowering as is... and our pros whip ass enough with it
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    AirStriker Said about every video I make I'll get 500 app I made 1 videos link
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    Upper moon 3!! Ez' speedhax , jk this nigga is what made me learn gstrafe and all that shit
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