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  1. 6 points
    It's time to say goodbye Thanks for everything guys, i'll miss all of u @ CleaNSkunK thanks for standing with me always and helping me with everything u are the best nubi @ Special~Force My little bro thanks for the time that we spend together u are the best friend :D @ NightMitch i know that u are lesbian but it's time to say bye bro i'll miss u thanks for the time that we spend together @ Sir Valecek Luis oh the best helper and the best guy i ever met thanks for everything bro and for your help @ Nastycamper the most guy i played with u still noob with awp when i back i want to see u kill me @ NEFELIM My competitor in dd2 hope to see u better than me in the future good luck mate @ [BanG']Julio go fly nub thanks for giving me the info always and thanks for your help @ [Z]aK[aRi]A^ it's time to sleep bro :) @ Kraken thanks for your help always and for your info u really the best @ rOha thanks for helping me and fixing my prob @ MuDaK u are the guy who helped me with everything really thanks dude @ Mooo thanks for helping me and guide me to the right way cya next year nubs :( I'll Miss u all Love u ALL
  2. 6 points
    honestly, fuck beatriz. I am in a happy place right now. ❤️
  3. 5 points
    Capture The Flag Rules 1. Cheating/Scripting will result in a permanent ban. 2. Skywalking or map glitching is subject to Slay/Ban. 3. IP spamming or other community advertising in the servers will result in an immediate gag/ban without warning. 4.1 Discrimination, hate speech, harassment, and insulting jokes targeting disability, race, religion or belief are strictly prohibited. Treat others with the same way you want to be treated. 4.2 If you have a personal issue with a player, member or admin either report their behavior, contact a staff member or solve it with the member via private message. Do not fight in the server or you both will be kicked out. 5. Do not try to blackmail, threaten, stalk, excessively disturb, DDoS, dox, scam, bribe, plagiarize and/or impersonate any Lost Souls member/Staff. You will be permanently banned from both server and forum without a chance to explain yourself. 6. Constantly begging for VIP/Admin/Points or caps will get you a gag/kick. 7. The following sprays are strictly prohibited: porn, prostitution, underage nudity, necrophilia/snuff, beastiality, suicide, gore, vore, scat. 8. If you are asked by a staff member to stop doing something then you are required to do so with no argument or talk back. If you believe this was unjustified take screenshot or demo proof of what happened and make an abuse report. 10. Do not constantly spam or annoy admins/staff members. 11. Being AFK while the server is full will get you kicked to make a spot for others. 12.1 Excessive camping by the T's or CT's is not allowed . While defending the flag is allowed, you must also be actively trying to capture the enemy flag. If you are found to be constantly camping and havent captured a single flag you will either be slayed, kicked or temporarily banned. 12.2 Farming caps/points without playing objective will result in kick or cap/point reset. 13. Purposely picking up and returning the enemy flag to the enemy team (Teaming) will result in a kick or ban. By joining and playing in our server you agree to follow the rules of the Capture The Flag server and will accept punishment if any of these rules are broken by you. Happy fragging, -L|S- Team
  4. 5 points
    My fucking birthday in coming in 5 days 2002/06/14 wish me luck dudes cause im gonna ma ke sweet 18 party lmao
  5. 5 points
  6. 4 points
    give me hope heal me thats what i want
  7. 4 points
  8. 4 points
    Belief in each other makes the bond much stronger!!
  9. 3 points
    Shit it's been 3 year's now, I get to meet new people everyday, feel's good to get new friends and new admin's :D, will always remember LS on my cs career, Long Live LS!
  10. 3 points
    im so happy that im part of this great community but specially playing along side with you guys, dudes you made my fucking shitty 2020 better, like the corona,quarantine and some fucking teenage things apart of that LS was one of the few things making me happy in this hell of a days and im so fucking greatful that i joined ls but i wish i had joined earlier( i just wanted to thank you guys and i so fucking love you) big hearts for ya'll (feeling thankful)
  11. 3 points
    Old but gold🔪🔪
  12. 2 points
    I stole your profile picture haha PD: gay
  13. 2 points
    I got infected with corona-virus (COVID-19)
  14. 2 points
    Happy birthday, I wish you a beautiful day with friends and family!
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  16. 2 points

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