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    When i find ur real ip i swear ur fucked lol i really swear im really cloose to find it to
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    Hello Everyone..! As some of you may know him, @AmerHS He was part of this community in the past but for some reasons he had to take a break from CS and Social media in general, but now he's back to us. So Welcome back @AmerHS! Regard, Management.
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    I'm glad to be back here, I really missed being here with all of you nubs! And If anyone needed any help or anything feel free to PM me.
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    I suck dick guys add me on steam to fuck my mouth nuMy0
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    First off it's a she not a he and when the fuck did i tell you to shut up? maybe you're blind like you said in groupchat? You play dust with alot of different names and i'm not for sure a stalker to keep checking who julio is and isn't. I play on a daily and i ban alot of people and have experience as a demo reviewer here and other communities,so i don't think i don't have enough experience for that. Been playing since i'm 5 and have experience with amx commands since 2014 back then from RoZ,continuining with LgK and here. As you see in my account i didn't join that long after you did. You were playing when i banned you,why weren't you specing people and banning them aswell? or too much work as a head admin am i right? Gonna upload the demo now. If it doesn't anything,sorry,if it does,not sorry at all.
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    Languages [English] , [Spanish]. ➡️[English] Hello Everyone, Hope you're having a good day! Today i'll be doing a giveaway and there will be 10 winners! The giveaway is basically like this: 1- You gotta choose a number between 1-50. 2- You gotta be registered in this forum surely. 3- It would be better if you already make your own steam account so i'll just have to Gift you the thing u want. 4- Each Winner gets Counter Strike Complete If he wants something else in steam he can choose whatever he wants with a maximum of 1.5 USD and will gift it to him/her to his/her Steam Account. 5- Giveaway ends in 3 days (7 July, 6:00 PM / GMT +3:00). 6- You can't repeat others number. ➡️[Spanish] Hola a todos, ¡Espero que tengas un buen día! ¡Hoy haré un sorteo y habrá 10 ganadores! El sorteo es básicamente así: 1- Tienes que elegir un número entre 1-50. 2- Tienes que estar registrado en este foro seguramente. 3- Sería mejor si ya hicieras tu propia cuenta de Steam, así que solo tendré que regalarte lo que quieras. 4- Cada Ganador obtiene Counter Strike Complete Si quiere algo más en Steam, puede elegir lo que quiera con un máximo de 1.5 USD y se lo regalará a su cuenta de Steam. 5- El sorteo finaliza en 3 días (7 de julio, 6:00 PM / GMT +3: 00). 6- No puedes repetir el número de otros.
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    Look at the demo. He is innocent. Close the thread until the DR's view it themselves otherwise these two nubs will continue fighting. I would close it but dont have powers atm.
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    Winners Are @ArSyzt, @[Z]aK[aRi]A^, @Kraken, @(ง'̀-'́)ง, @hEaD, @SwatGaming - Yt :), @Lenda, @Woody, @CleaNSkunK, @Motasem Sahle! Congratulations for all of you! Please after you go to your own steam Add me or PM me there. If you don't have the bundle i'll buy it for you directly, if you already have it you can ask for anything else in steam while considering 1.5$ max. Congratulations Again! Here's my steam account link https://steamcommunity.com/id/AmerHS/
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    Hello everyone! Well, first i wanted to thank everyone for accepting me as an administrator, even if it lasted a short time, but we cannot do two things at once ... i can say that counter strike was a part of my whole life, i remember when i was only 6 years old and i had won a cd that contained the cs and when i played i was fascinated, and it was like this for 12 years. Life is made of decisions, to achieve certain things you have to give up many things and this paradigm has come to me, and i have made a decision: I'll be retiring from the games maybe forever. I have priorities off the internet, and i can no longer fool anyone that i can do two things at once, so i made that decision, changed my mind, and will be focused on other things from now on. I'd like to have your support, or at least some. I would like to say that it really was nice to have played cs for years, and to have been part of several community around the world, but now it's time to get out of the games. I wish all success to all those who have dreams and, for those who have reached desire, also to conquer even more. I will not delete my steam account, but i will not go into it for a long time. That's it, this community has a lot to grow still and i believe it will, so i leave here my last support to all of you! Cheers! https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198348004990
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    She didnt strip you, i did because you abused you were abusing and i dont know who you are because you never visit forum or even bother checking in.
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    I saw both demo's, and it's clean. Just he break up the rule of hyperscroll mouse. @Aristotleplease be more carefully next time taking an action. @Wilanosay perfectly the situation, we spoke with him in chat and thats the final decision. Closed/moved
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    Sorry to let you know that but 54 isn't between 1-50 lol
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    Welcome @AmerHS good to see you!!
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    Welcome back my friend i missed u hope to fuck u in dd2 again lol enjoy.
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    Wassup, i hope to see you one day on the servers. Cheers!
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    Welcome back :D sure to see ya around :D
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    Just because you joined the ls clan doesn't mean you get admin... we do not just hand admin to anyone.. you need to prove yourself to the comm and be known for reporting hackers and rule breakers. We have requirements you have to meet to even be considered an admin... why don't you go read up and follow through with them.
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    He is banned ingame alerdy,btw ty for report ❤️ Closed/moved
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    your vip should be set up.
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    Hi all, Found this Server after going through server by server, and i can say that here is quite nice. Players and Admin are friendly too. Before this i played in Hentai SQ last year and later on found out it become LS. Happy to be part of the player here and hope this server continue to grow. :D :D In-Game Name : Octopi Country/State (province)/City : Malaysia Current Job/Career : Internet Marketer Job/Career you want : Millionaire and no need to work... LOL Which of our server(s) do you most prefer(name) : Zombie and De dust
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    To claim your AmmoPacks you must follow the following form. Your name: In-game name: STEAM/Valve-ID: Current AP?:
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    Hello and welcome to the Lost Souls community!
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    bind "j" "+setlaser" bind "k" "+dellaser" Those are for Lasermine. Besides, you can say /lm to buy a lasermine and /sb to buy sandbags. That's all you need.
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    GUys , I am playing cs here , so far so good. I didn't get ban this time , But admin Zakaria , Slap me taking me 8hp for beeing with awp , telling me I am camping , and I am in ct , trying to keep my site clean of no planting C4, guy is telling me that I am camping , I just do not get that how that has any sense , if you are not T , and not planitning C4 , than He kicked me out of server cause I was in Base , AGAIN WAITING for the to post C4 , I AM NOT CAMPING I am Trying let them to plant C4 . WHAT I supposed to do , to lett them go MID rush ???? I Don't have any screenshoot < cause I can not find it ..
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    I honestly thought about 2 supervisor's that will do shift's from time to time. and when I mean 2 I mean 2 for each server.
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    and here it is, He learned too much from anime. well there is no way back from it right bruh? or I should tell you that in chinese
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    Your name: jhanny In-game name: nina<3 STEAM/Valve-ID: valve_9:9:653876865 Current AP?: 37
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    I have caught Lelv scripting and has be sentenced with a ban. You're report is correct. Thank you! (If you were looking for this to go toward you minimum 5 report requirement, you might need to take this up with some higher up, because I am not sure how that works.)
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    bet your dick is shaped like your nose
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    You and your bother both will not be unbanned.
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    welcome to ls,have a nice stay!!
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    @☆ 𝑚𝑜𝑜𝑛𝑙𝑖𝑔𝘩𝑡 Welcome to Lost-Souls! Hope you find some good friends here lol Craig is one of the best here and one of the people that i really liked, so nice to know that you know him for 3 years!
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    it's my brithday in next year and my age in 20 to 21 :)
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    Good luck bro!
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    You Have a Great Time I hope you have a blast What ever you doing, PS GOOD LUCK you will be missed follow you're dream and do what it take to be one. Have fun Bro.
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    Best of luck dude!!
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    Welcome to the forums!!! See ya in game Again 🙂
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    In-Game Name : J Real Name : Jose Age/Birth Date : 23 Country/State (province)/City : Venezuela, Caracas. Current Job/Career : Student for Architecture. Job/Career you want : Which of our server(s) do you most prefer(name) : Dust2 Steam (if you have) : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198448878484/home/ who invited you here? : Nobody invited me, I just want to go through here to let me know, The server is very good and has a good registry, I would only remove the lights (dust2) :D , my English is basic and helped me with translator, if when I'm playing I dont answer you well :)
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    Hello Jose welcome to LsGamerZ. I hope you enjoy your stay :3 i know you'll love it here. ❤️
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    welcom back guys and congratulations
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    Good Luck Zaki !!
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    Good luck bro!
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    real nigga.
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