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    I would like to announce that we got new co owner now its jining i would like to thank him for his hard work in our community and he really diserves the rank he been doing almost every other high ranks job day and night some of our high ranks has irl problems so they inactive for now for bit time but jining been taking care of alot of things such as working on our protections for our servers and more and he still working on them atm also. 👍🏻
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    @ Server Admin @ Server Manager @ Staff @ Demo Reviewer Hey guys just wanted to let you know we are opening new server that will come soon as you maybe notice we added some of them to the forum, we just need somethings and they will done but i am not in charge of the rest so wont talk about them heheh Just letting you know we are opening a Scoutzknivez server, its almost done, you can already check it if you need the ip just pm or talk to me Wanted to thanks @JiNing and @AirStriker too since without them it wouldnt be possible, hes working really hard I really missed playing Scoutzknivez in my last comm so Air told me about that there was an empty server that can be used so here we go, it was a great mode with low gravity and only scout weapon, 10 bullets basically a classic mod but with gravity and scout and knives only, we will enjoy it and the new servers that are comming so i hope to see you all there ^^. We will need admins and Server Manager/s for these servers to keep it clean and running. Admin applications, ips, and rules will be announced soon. Staff Management
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    Hi There me and @JiNing we decide to make a contest with 3 Free Vip 30 days. What u need to do ? Make a Short presentation on YouTube with our Community, In the presentation you need to have our Forum And The Servers ( Just Zombie Plague And Dust2 Because they are the only Server with players at the moment we work on that ) The video must be at least 2 minutes short And have all the requirement . Model: Nick Cs: Video : This contest is not supported by @AirStriker because I decide not to. We need to support the Community with what we have . So I support with a little bit of money and you guys support with a video . Thanks And Good Luck!!! @ Server Admin @Youtuber @ Trial Admin Regards Ryu .
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    Hello everyone! Today i come to make a promotion to a person who has been with the community for a long time, and who has remained here despite the problems we have faced all this time. Let's congratulate @Dissension for obtaining the STAFF position, in which he will be working with me as a DUST2 SERVER STAFF He will directly administer the DUST2 SERVER, and any problem, complaint or any question you can ask me, or him. He will also be the only STAFF of the DUST2 apart from me, so any action taken there will have to talk to him. He has been inactive because of problems with his computer, but he has returned, so i want him to work with me. Besides that i fully trust his skills as an administrator and i know he will do a good job. PS: If one day i need to leave or be absent, I want to leave the server in good hands, and I know that with him running, the server will be fine. I had time planning this promotion, I know you deserve it and I know you will do the job well. Congratulations, enjoy your new rank my man. Regards, GENERAL STAFF MANAGEMENT.
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    @ JiNing N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Any reports regarding admins abusing/admins not doing their job must be directly report to @ JiNing or reported in Admin Abuse under Reports Section. Regards, Staff Management.
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    As always perfect job brotha thx :)
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    hello to everyone. I ask you everyone I'm sorry and I swear to you this is my last chance and as said jining I will prover you and prover myself go try for like this message @JiNing
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    Btw guys @ Server Admin @ Server Manager @ Staff keep an eye on this guy L|S Kalashnikov probably walling
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    Hello. I played on ctf server and it is very good i just need to tell one thing you may reconsider.If u want to your ctf server be better you need to put flags in correct order.Flags can not be in center of base.It is very difficult to take flag in that circumstances, especially when there are more than 10 players.IT must be placed in front of base, i played this CTF mod for many years on much servers, i hope this server will be better and better. Thanks.
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    Cant really see the "No recoil", I see recoil in his bullets. and about aim hell no if he were using aimbot it would be all headshots. If someone wants to review and say something here just do it. I am moving it to not banned and closing it. Thanks for reporting.
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    @McDonaldss When u create the topic do it in the section, no in the sub forum ACCEPTED. MOVED TO SUGGESTIONS AND FEEDBACK
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    The demo is DIRTY. You said here correctly good job. Thanks for the model, keep catching hacker it is very good help for the server. BANNED FOR A WEEK AS A WARNING CLOSED/MOVED
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    You're a comedian, right? You don't even have a cent.
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    ZOMBIE ESCAPE RULES 1) It is prohibited to use any type of external programs, in terms of hacks/scripts, etc. 2) Its not allowed to say any kind of insult, discrimination or threat towards any user/admin. (This could be sanctioned with a ban of 30 minutes, 1 or 2 hours if necessary.) 3) Prohibited to stay AFK. First you will be given a warning, in case you keep doing it you will be kicked. 4) Prohibited to play music or make noises through the mic that annoy the other players. 5) Prohibited to abuse the mic (make continuous use of it). 6) Prohibited the use of offensive names/nick. 7) Prohibited any type of bug in the map, in case this happens 2 slaps will be given and slayed if the player keeps doing it. (If this action continues to happen on other maps, the last action will be a ban of 30 minutes or 1 hour if necessary). 8 ) Do not camp (except in escape areas). In case you do this you will be given a slay/kick, if it keeps happening then a ban of 30 minutes. 9) Humans must not stay in unreachable places for the zombies. you will be given a warning of 2 slaps and if you decide not to move then you will be slayed. 10) Do not bug/block the Escape Vehicle. 11) It is completely prohibited to retry, in case you are the first zombie and decide to do so you will be kicked or banned for 30 minutes if necessary. 12) Prohibited to let yourself get killed in order to let the other party gain AmmoPacks or any other kind of currency. (Same goes for stats). In case this happen both players will be banned for 30 minutes. 13) Cooperation between Zombies and Humans to escape is prohibited. This can be sanctioned with a warning ban (30 minutes or 1 hour if you keep doing it) 14) Comply with the server theme. Humans: Must escape from the zombies and COOPERATE between them (prohibited to break tables, close doors, etc to other humans). Zombies: Must infect humans. 15) It is prohibited to use techniques such as bhop, sgs, gs. This can cause a ban of 1 to 5 hours depending on the severity of your actions. ZOMBIE ESCAPE ADMIN RULES 1) Do not insult/threaten others. As an admin you should use a courteous and friendly language towards others either a player or another admin. (This can lead to a serious penalty) 2) Do not abuse commands like amx_slap/slay/ kick. 3) Do not ban for fun or without a clear reason. (In case this happens the Admin will be removed). 4) Do not abuse the Admin say, that includes amx_tsay/psay, etc. only use it if necessary. 5) To make a map change, you must wait until there's 15 minutes left or less. (Use timeleft to check) Example: amx_vote "Change map?" Yes No 6) Prohibited to use the privileges of admin to obtain an advantage in the game over other players. 7) Do not believe yourself superior by the rank obtained towards the rest of users. 8 ) Before giving a ban the corresponding Admin must take a demo as proof of the fault committed by the user. 9) Admins must make a previous vote before creating a mode on the server. 10) Admins must wait 2 rounds for each created mode. 11) It is Prohibited for Admins to create a mode in the first minutes of the map. (First Round). 12) Admins are not allowed to use transparent/ invisible glow or set glow on normal players. 13) Admins are not allowed to respawn dead players when on last survivor. 14) Admins are not allowed to stay AFK in spectator when the server is FULL unless spectating hacker. The following applies to any Admin regardless of their rank: 1) You can set glow on another admin if the other "agrees". 2) Must use the ban as a last resource, first warn and use slap/slay/kick, unless its a known rule breaker. 3) Must avoid using csay/tsay as a chat or to say things that are not important. 4) If a player evade a temporary ban tell a Staff+, don't ban for "Ban Evader". 5) Please enforce English in mic only, free to type any language. 6) If there is a ban evader and they keep on coming back after they've been banned 3 times (No more than 3!! If more, there will be punishment.), then don't ban them. Abuse and make it impossible for them to play. 7) If a player is using any sort of scripts, then ban for one week as a warning ban. If they come back after the week and they continue hacking then you can ban them permanently for evasion. Note: Breaking any rules written here will lead to a punishment. Regards, Staff Management.
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    Congrats ❤️
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    I'm pleased to announce that one of our Demo Reviewers, @MoChakis has been promoted to Server Manager of ZP (and will keep his DR Position), he's also been doing a very good job as a Head Admin, and we expect him to continue doing so in his new position, he will be taking special care of the Admin Applications for Zombie Plague and the activity of the admins, making sure they punish accordingly while taking proof of the players wrongdoings, and of course, another of his duties is making sure players are having fun, suggesting what has to be added or changed. Wish him good luck. 😃 I also just promoted myself.
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    Thanks @Princess99Samantha @ Staff - I've warned him before & actually banned him for a day for abusing just like this, also asked to contact me but he didn't, it is pretty clear he don't care about our rules or the players.
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    Update: * Fixed some errors * Added some optimization * Fixed some textures Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/exm8sdt2vjsux4w/zm_ls_base_foda_v1.zip/file
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    Description: this map is a mix between zm_ls_biohazard_base_v2 and zm_foda (one of the most popular map in zp) Video: Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/de2n4n3akkpj04u/zm_ls_base_foda_v1.zip/file Credits: @NEPU thank you for helping me to make improvements on it, you were very helpful. @DraGoon thank you man for talk to me about mapping, you inspired me. Any suggestions are welcome.
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    @Camaro. You are one of the best server admins we have here at this community. You do your job better than most veterans and it will be a loss for this community if u were demoted/resigned so please have some patience, we are working things out with the management team to get things straight. We all respect what you do for the server and we don't want to lose such a good admin. As for @Ryu.amx_gag is a command to not be used no matter what the player says, regardless of rank. ANY racism/disrespect is to be dealt with amxbanmenu. Also I have seen you disrespecting players and treating them unfairly when it comes to deciding punishments. Just because you are boosting staff doesn't mean you can do whatever the hell you want, we all need to follow rules here and if you don't you will be warned/demoted. I will leave it up to the staff in charge @Nightbot.to make a final decision to what will be done here.
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    @ AirStriker i’m working SJ
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    This server still exists, it suprised me. When i left a year ago, i didnt even realise that this server would still exist. I have loved how this server was one of the most balanced zp. and has non-abusive admins. So, i really wanted to get back to this server and do the things i have done for the past year.
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    Welcome and non-abusive we try.
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    i was waiting for another DR. i cant viewdemos cuz miss (zm_roz_hell_v1.bsp), if someone verify it, i would appreciate it. thats the reason why i dont say anything here. Or another solution is if someone send me the file so i can see it. PD: Cannot continue without model maps/zm_roz_hell_v1.bsp, disconnecting Thank you
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    Nice bro just keep ^__^
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    Member Name:ganjamen Nickname of the Hacker/Rule breaker:Hash Hacker's/Rule breaker's Steam ID:VALVE_5:0:274020904 Which server was the Hacker/Rule breaker in?:zp Description of hack or rule being broke:hyperscroll Proof/demo of the offense being made:Hash.demHash2.dem Additional details needed for our DR team to review:
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    there are a section that u can report admin abuse here its just for report hackers. Moved to admin abuse, hes clean. @Ghoest 666 MOVED
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    Congrats bud!
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    @Ghoest 666 Next time dont Mention/Tag Admins or other ranks on your report threads. Demo is Dirty. Thanks for your report! Banned
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    LOL @JiNing you've been working hard for the community. Congratulations man
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    @JiNing Its Sensei and co owners of gays 😞
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    why he slay him he should ban him or tell me this programme is for cheaters
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    So this happened yesterday ( 10/19/2019 ) as i was in the server at the time it happened. Thats when i asked on forums for an admin to come in. He glowed himself invis, made himself nem with out asking questions or anything and as stated above he turned someone into a knifer on a normal round. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1894396861 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1894396524 I have a demo and to be honest i don't know how much or what is on it due to the fact that Jining had showed up but ill post just in case. https://www.mediafire.com/file/wv2omihdzh9xmyc/69ine.dem/file
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    We r not nubs that make report in alliedmodees or we r not nubs like zod we are LOST SOULS!!!!
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    Good job Staff team!!I really like that community is growing everyday!
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    No one can use commands on others unless there's a REAL reason to, especially when it comes to Admins+. @Ryu. Take proof of what's happening (when it's an admin+), then go ahead and report it to a higher up or rest of the Staff team so they can deal with that and give a punishment.
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    Welcome ((: ❤️
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    This Is My Best Work I hope To like it And Enjoy ❤️
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    @Kraken wow wow and wow dude its so nice i like
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