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    Hello Everyone! Greetings Lost Souls members, today i want to announce that we will have a small event by your GENERAL STAFF @Gloomy which I will have the participation of your other GENERAL STAFF @JoMaMa. Okey, so the event will be an interactive event, at the same time on DUST2 and ZOMBIE PLAGUE Servers. The DUST2 will be being reviewed by me. On the other hand, the ZOMBIE PLAGUE server will be handled by @JoMaMa. Ok, now. How does it work? It works in two ways. 1.1: You will have to arrive from 0 and go up the ladder in the top of the ranking on the server to win the best prizes. 1.2: You will have to upload a photo in this thread, with the greatest damage you have done to the zombies, minimum score 6k to participate. How do I participate? You just have to be among the best in the top ranking on both servers, and be part of our community. Then respond to this thread with a photo with your greatest damage done to the zombies in the game, remember that to participate your damage has to be a minimum of 6k up. Required: You have to be a member, if you are not a member your participation will not be valid. What prize do i win? The awards on both servers are different. In the dust2 there can only be 2 winners. DUST2 Prizes. TOP 1: VIP for a month. TOP 2: VIP for a month. Only the only 2 best people on this server can take this prize, Reminder: If any of the players is not a member, their prize will simply be passed to the one in number 3 of the top. ZOMBIE PLAGUE Prizes. TOP 1: VIP for a month + 10k AP. TOP 2: VIP for a month. TOP 3: 5k AP. TOP 4: 1k AP. Now, if you manage to pass the total damage to the zombies by 6k you are automatically winning 700APS. Reminder: You must take a picture at the exact moment where it says (7000 in green numbers) in your damage to the zombies. Simply by doing this, you will be earning 700 APS. Extra plus: If you manage to do damage above 35k or 35000 damage to zombies, you will gain 2k APS. NOTE: The event will begin on 06/09/2019 and will end on 26/09/2019. This concludes the explanation of the event. Administrators below Demo Review can participate in the event. Only @JoMaMa is authorized to deliver the prizes in the ZOMBIE PLAGUE, she will choose a STAFF to help her with the distribution of prizes. I hope everyone can win prizes, I look forward to everyone's participation. GOOD LUCK. GENERAL STAFF MANAGEMENT.
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    Player name - Octopi - just a regular player here Unique ID: VALVE_5:0:1210168585 Steam Community: 76561200380602898 abuser name - name xXBeast633_ARAB I join in to play then suddenly saw this Xbeast turned himself into sniper. Normally i dont care much since as long as the game is fun for all players and no one complain. Saw some instance where admin actually turn themself into specials, but for me personally i dont mind, as do most players since many admin are quite nice :D But this guy is different. After playing for like 5 minutes , started noticing this guys abusing his admin power like crazy, turning himself into - laser human, ( forgot the name ) then turn himself into dragon , turn back into human and so on. He actually disrupted the game and some players leave. Not happen in only one map . but more than one. Below are the transcript : *** Ramzy killed Freesh.pe with a headshot from infection *** [AMXX] Due to the result of the vote: The next map will be 'zm_ls_abandon_v2'. *** Freesh.pe killed mariano.- with a headshot from infection *** *** mariano.- killed Foutwnty with a headshot from infection *** [-L|S-] ADMIN xXBeast633_ARAB - xXBeast633_ARAB turned into a Plasma XX Ali XX is joining the Counter-Terrorist force [AMXX] Map change will happen after this round. The next map will be 'zm_ls_abandon_v2'. XBeast633_ARAB killed PJ? xXBeast633_ARAB killed unnamed [-L|S-] ADMIN xXBeast633_ARAB - xXBeast633_ARAB turned into a Sniper .:[EQS]:.~'Tuto~.~ connected xXBeast633_ARAB killed felefelestrike .:[EQS]:.~'Tuto~.~ is joining the Counter-Terrorist force [-L|S-] Apply for admin at http://www.LSGameRz.net/ xXBeast633_ARAB killed mariano.- gameME: .:[EQS]:.~'Tuto~.~ (Pos 446, 1,161 points) connected (Chile) gameME: ATB - Checking Teams pelikans (RADIO): Fire in the hole! Azat|Kaya| connected [-L|S-] [Happy Hour] Starts at: 18 o'clock - Ends at: 24 o'clock. It multiplies AP by 2 at the weekends. [-L|S-] ==== Welcome to Lost souls Zombie Plague ==== [-L|S-] Press M to show the game menu XBeast633_ARAB killed PJ? xXBeast633_ARAB killed unnamed [-L|S-] ADMIN xXBeast633_ARAB - xXBeast633_ARAB turned into a Sniper .:[EQS]:.~'Tuto~.~ connected xXBeast633_ARAB killed felefelestrike .:[EQS]:.~'Tuto~.~ is joining the Counter-Terrorist force [-L|S-] Apply for admin at http://www.LSGameRz.net/ xXBeast633_ARAB killed mariano.- gameME: .:[EQS]:.~'Tuto~.~ (Pos 446, 1,161 points) connected (Chile) gameME: ATB - Checking Teams pelikans (RADIO): Fire in the hole! Azat|Kaya| connected [-L|S-] [Happy Hour] Starts at: 18 o'clock - Ends at: 24 o'clock. It multiplies AP by 2 at the weekends. [-L|S-] ==== Welcome to Lost souls Zombie Plague ==== [-L|S-] Press M to show the game menu *** -L|S- 'Aspect 悲しい ヅ killed chickmagnet with a headshot from infection *** Freesh.pe (RADIO): Go go go! gameME: Azat|Kaya| (1,000 points) connected (Turkey) stara garda team ahahahahaha dropped Then i go into spec - and saw that he abuses like crazy so i wait until next map to start recording since the round almost over. In the new map - same thing happen, so i start recording and log in to admin account and warned him that abusing like that is not ok . below are the files from new map - http://www.mediafire.com/file/lpfx0u5gcogw1jq/demo1.dem/file A note to xbeast - if you are new here , most player dont really mind / or will even report you for using specials or commands but when you disrupted the game and make players leave that is not ok. Hope you respect the LS comunity rules. thanks.
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    I would like to announce that we are promoting @MoChakis to the Demo-Reviewers team , He has been working hardly lately and been so active which made him deserve this Promotion . Well Deserved , Expecting a lot from you . Staff Management .
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    This plugin is from 2012 s o im sure its useless already after that much time ppl know easy ways to bypass these easyly
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    That's me R3DLol!Pop im officially leaving this community for numerous reasons i won't mention, i've been for more than a month in here, i exhausted myself helping & enhancing the community. The community was phenomal in my view and i helped a lot indirectly by my suggestions, Admin duties and disscussions with high ranked personnel, i tried my best, but i was stressed all the time and i focused on this community which affected my real life unfortunately, it was a good experiment regardless of all the disadvantages. special thanks goes to @AmerHS , @JoMaMa , @Lenda , @Chocolate69 & @thepowerofew ubica and other people who helped me but forgot to mention, R3D is done here & peace...
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    some of you may know me i used to play alot back in the days, wandering from community to community i started out in zod in 2012 and played there quite a bit. in 2015 jedi invited me to lgk. it was funny cause the moment i got there, one of the staff members named wilano threatened to ban me for speedhacks. those were some good times. i took a quite big break when i left for the army. rn im in college fulltime, trying to get a degree to become a male stripper. i play here and there now but not as seriously as i used to. my hobbies rn are lifting, reading hentai and watching spongebob im not that good at cs so if you guys have any tips i'd greatly appreciate it
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    jOKER INTRO hey to all members of this great community iam new here i was an old player on RoZ and RoD and Et and Eg and Hs and many servers i hope ill have a good time with u guys REAL NAME: aziz GAMING NAME: i have multi nicknames like "HaZaRd # JoKeR" "Sh!va" "[RoZ]Mr.Killer" "[RoZ]Exotic#Alpha" and many another nick names TIME PLAYING CS : FROM 8 YEARS
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    I remember you from RoZ, Base builder if i am not wrong. and hazard from rod as you said, you were uploading videos to youtube. Welcome to L|S and enjoy your stay, feel free to apply for member if you are not in another commnunity.
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    Hello everyone! Today we have a new promotion, which will be working as Zombie plague Head admin. Congratulate @MoChakis for the work he has done. He will working as Head admin together with me and the other Server manager and staff of Zombie plague. Well deserved! Good Luck! Regards, Staff Management
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    Thanks for your suggestion anyway man! Keep up the good work We are staying like this and I am pretty sure @Gloomy will agree with me since he is dust2 staff in charge Closed
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    congrats, good luck
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    Congrats @MoChakis!!!
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    Hey, came here to make an announce that i think everyones will like. We were thinking some way to get people interested on be an admin and be part of this great community and help us with it. Since everyone need aps we decide to add an Admin Salary System. We are going to check everyone´s activity the 5th of each month from now on, and giving some aps depending on the activity you have that month (also bans and shits) if you get caught in spec more than you should either staying afk or you left your cs running you wont receive anything that month, we will be checking admin´s job and how they enforce the rules and there might be a plus. The salary will be: 10-15 hours 1000 aps 15-20 hours - 1500 aps 20-25 hours - 2000 aps 25-30 hours - 3000 aps 30-50 hours - 4000 aps +50 hours - 5000 aps And we will be posting here when admins receive their aps, for example: Admin Name: Fireboy Date: 05/09/1998 Hours: 23 Amount: 2k aps Good luck to everyone and enjoy playing^^ Feel free to apply for admin position if you meet the requirements, we will love to work with you. @Gloomy and me will be taking care of this, please if someone wants to help or give the aps to an admin let us know or just post it. Staff Management Team.
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    @TBC-The Bone Collector has joined has TRIAL ADMIN.
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    congratulations!! 😄
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    Woww man congrats, keep up the good work
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    Congrats bro,keep it up..
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    Sin duda tienes mis respetos. Sos y siempre seras mi idolo crack, Gracias por todo!
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    @MoChakis congratulations Bro ❤️ ❤️
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    Hi Lost Souls community as all know, my mate @Lenda and me, we need people with experience for complete the work of Demo Reviewer or admin. for now we have 2 positions for Demo Review and 6 for Admins (Admin and trial Admin). The team of Demo Reviewer is Compound by: DR Staff 1) @FrozeN 2) @Nightbot. Demo reviewers 1) @Disensión 2) @Aristóteles 3) @MoChakis 4) Free Position Trial Demo Review N/A And the team of Admin is Compound by: Staff 1) @Respect_lawyer 2) @Nightbot 3) @JoMaMa 4) @Lenda 5) @thepowerofew ubica Admin 1) @CleaNSkunK 2) @DraGoon 3) @MoChakis 4) @Kraken 5) Free Position 6) Free Position Trial Admin 1) Free Position 2) Free Position And the Server managers and Head admin. For now if you have experience about one of this ranks Apply when you complete the requeriments. Thanks for understand and good luck! Regards, Management
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    Updated ! Welcome @MoChakis to the Demo-Reviewers Team .
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    What's the admins name (The name at the time of the abuse): L|S Dony If you can get their SteamID to help us see who the admin is: STEAM_0:1:220646344 The reason of this report. Why are you reporting them: he is just watching nothing do what admin have to do Proof of the admin abusing their powers (Screenshots/demo/recording): 1- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1866332852 2- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1866332852 3-https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1866332151 4-https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1866331504 so when we are in round the guy name "-L|S-^ * ~{~`theEvil`~}~ *" is breaking rules, at the moment when he saw that they have 7-8 ppl stack together at camping he bought infection bomb and throwing it,then after 30sec-1min he bought antiode and i asked admin Dony to slay him and he said "for what ?" and i said many time go slay him and he said "wait" and he still didn't slayed him and he didn't even do anything if my words is correct please tell him to take care when someone saying u to do. another thing there are some admin in ur server ZP that didn't deserve to be admin but i didn't report him because i don't want anyone to be crying like kid because he lost access admin
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    IMO I don't think we need to add to the awo in there its overpowering as is... and our pros whip ass enough with it
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    Welcome to the community , enjoy your stay !
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    A Plasma is a human with 1000 hp, a plasma weapon (a weapon with a certain stunning effect) and painfree, who must fight with all of the zombies. The point is that I think he has very few weapons to fight the zombies. And the truth is that everyone has complaints with this mode. I would like to make some suggestions to make Plasma Mode more fun: 1) More life: 2000 or 2500 HP would be fine; 2) Unlimited ammo; 3) Blind bomb inmunity; 4) 1.5 + dmg than the current
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    Okay then, will be adding this really soon. Thanks for the suggestion, @MoChakis. @Nightbot. ye sure 😄 Closed/Moved.
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    Aps was given to King Maroc.
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    Updated. @[Cr7] Accepted as Trial Admin, Good luck in your trial!
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    I'll add AmmoPacks to your account, when i catch you in game. Niceeeeee 😄
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    @MoChakis We are Familly Bro You help me and i help you That the role of this community To be the best server and forum ❤️
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    Congratulations Bro @MoChakis
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    Congratz bro you deserves that,, you are so active 😛
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    Updated. @MoChakis Has been promoted to Head Admin. Well deserved and good luck !
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    We can try adding it in Spanish and English so all the ZP players will get the warning, I kinda see it as a good idea even tho it won't have that big effect
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    The map is nearly complete after much delay. I will save the rest of my updates for the community's surprise. ❤️ Mapper
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    Welcome To Familly I Hope To be Happy with US Have Fun And Enjoy ❤️❤️
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    Welcome! Nice fragging today! Looking forward for more 😉
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    Read this thread and follow the steps, if it was resolved after this. Let me know. ITEM ACTIVATION (Redeem code)
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    You didn't use the page to buy? Didn't u get redeem code?
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    Who uses support for W7 or even update it? Lol
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    Updated. @Kraken Got accepted as Permanent Admin. Welcome back mate!
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    Yes i read all of it alot of them really good suggestions good job on it we on these already not all but wich ever we high ranks thing is good we gona work on those thx again
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    VIP does NOT have unlimited nades available... you are incorrect on that part.... What I see here is you used your power over him to stop him from using his points... They are his points he did not break a rule by buying nade over and over... now is annoying yes they do this but ITS HIS POINTS he IS SPENDING... you can not dictate how someone uses their points... the only rules we have about using points are 10)You are not allowed to buy the antidote if you're infected as first or second zombie. 15)Climbing to an unreachable spot using Climb Zombie and then antidoting is not allowed. 16)Using Infection Nade and Antidote in the same round is not allowed. Again NO where does it say he can not buy nades to stay alive... its about surviving not dying and being zombie
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    wrong demo bro
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    AirStriker Said about every video I make I'll get 500 app I made 1 videos link
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